Why Cypress is Better than Selenium in 2022?

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Both Cypress and Selenium WebDriver are test automation frameworks that support end-to-end testing, and when Cypress is mentioned, there is an immediate need to compare or determine which is superior.

Understanding why Cypress and Selenium WebDriver are architecturally different will help you understand the differences and similarities between the Selenium WebDriver and Cypress frameworks.

The following are the key topics that we will cover in this article,

Why choose Cypress?

Comparing Cypress and Selenium WebDriver

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand the ways in which Cypress is different and similar to Selenium WebDriver and how it shows prowess in frontend web automation testing.

Why choose Cypress?

Cypress is an end-to-end testing framework that is written by developers, for developers and Quality Assurance (QA) engineers. Cypress focuses on testing web applications and since the only way to automate the web is by using JavaScript, Cypress only supports the use of JavaScript to write its tests.

Cypress was specifically written for frontend teams that utilize JavaScript for the
development of their products, along with teams that need to quickly get started with the process of writing unit, integration, and end-to-end tests without the complicated intricacies of properly setting up a testing framework.

Cypress is not only beginner-friendly, but also ensures that everything that a developer or a QA engineer needs to get started on their tests is already packaged in the bundle that is downloaded and installed from the Cypress website. Cypress comes bundled with its own browser, a test runner, and chai as an assertion framework.

Having a bundle that contains everything required to get started with the process of writing tests means that anyone can just get started on the business of testing without needing to know about the setup process for assertion frameworks, test runners, or even the addition of browser drivers, such as in the case of using Selenium WebDriver.

Cypress makes use of JavaScript, which makes it significantly easier for JavaScript developers to onboard and quickly grasp the Cypress concepts. The ease of onboarding also ensures that developers and QA engineers can quickly get up to speed with writing tests using Cypress.

Since Cypress is developed in JavaScript, developers and QA teams using JavaScript find it easier to debug and also understand the errors as they are similar to those in JavaScript applications

Cypress makes use of a universal driver that is currently compatible with Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and the Chromium browser family. In comparison to Selenium, which uses WebDriver to interact with the Document Object Model (DOM) via HTTP network requests, the Cypress driver works directly in the browser without the need for network requests. The ability to run the tests inside the browser ensures that Cypress can effectively understand commands without introducing timeouts when commands are passed from the tests to the driver and then to the browser-based application.

Using a universal driver also ensures that Cypress maintains the consistency of the methods used in all browsers, as well as a standard format for the tests regardless of the browser in which the tests are run. With this approach, a QA team or an individual developer can expand their cross-browser testing by simply running their existing test suites against the newly supported browser with Cypress.

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Because it is architecturally unique from other test automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver, the Cypress framework runs in the browser. Cypress’s ability to run in the browser gives it a competitive advantage over other automation tools because it includes automatic wait sequences that would otherwise need to be defined in tests. Cypress thus knows when to wait for an event, such as a network request, that would otherwise require an explicit or implicit wait in a Selenium-driven test.

Software development technologies, such as JavaScript frameworks, evolve faster than testing technologies and frameworks. Cypress provides a unique opportunity for developers and QA engineers to quickly get started with the process of writing tests without having to worry about testing setup. Removing the concern about the underlying test infrastructure not only speeds up the testing process, but also ensures that teams can get started on the tasks that matter and are critical in the software development life cycle.

Selenium WebDriver vs Cypress: What’s the Difference?

Comparing Cypress and Selenium WebDriver

It’s easy to believe that Cypress is a replacement for Selenium WebDriver and that its use will make Selenium WebDriver completely redundant in the world of testing automation.

We will describe why Cypress is unique and how its purpose is more complementary than supplementary to Selenium WebDriver.

Browser driver

Cypress utilizes a custom universal driver for all the browsers that it supports, while on the other hand, Selenium WebDriver utilizes different drivers for each of the different browsers that it supports. The ability to use a universal driver for all the browsers means that on installation, we can run our tests on all the Cypress-supported browsers without the need to install an external driver. Selenium, on the other hand, requires a driver for every browser to be able to run tests in different browsers. The universal driver also gives Cypress a competitive edge as the team developing it is able to fix problems that are common in WebDriver, and can extend the functionality to different browsers.

Retries and waits

Cypress comes with built-in explicit retries to search for elements in the DOM and
explicitly waits for events to happen before a test is considered to have failed. Cypress comes coupled with events that determine whether requests need to be waited for before the browser decides whether they have failed or passed. Cypress is able to handle the waits and retries because it runs on the browser with the tests and is able to understand the state of the tests at any given time.

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Selenium, on the other hand, utilizes HTTP requests to WebDriver and it is therefore difficult for the framework to determine whether explicit or implicit waits are required when the tests are running. To solve the problem, Selenium users have to write the waits themselves in situations where the tests would need to wait for a request to complete before proceeding to the next step of execution. Selenium also does not come bundled with automatic retries when the tests are run, a feature that Cypress does possess.

Target usage

Cypress is built for JavaScript developers and QA engineers who want to quickly set up an automation framework and get to testing their end-to-end web applications, without spending too much bandwidth on setting up test frameworks or understanding the technologies behind building test frameworks. With Cypress, it is easy for developers to go beyond writing unit tests, to writing integration tests and even acceptance tests with features such as stubbing external dependencies, and testing how their applications behave. Cypress also currently favors developers and QA practices that are consistent with the Chromium family of browsers including Edge, with the addition of Firefox, which is
currently in beta testing.

On the other hand, Selenium WebDriver is built to test anything that runs on the web. Selenium focuses on QA teams that want to test every aspect of their web applications and is not limited by factors such as browser compatibility or a single test runner, which is the case in Cypress. Selenium WebDriver gives the user options to extend it with different browsers and plugins, and also supports different languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP.

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It is really difficult to plainly say that Selenium is a direct competitor to Cypress, as we can vividly see that while their use cases are closely similar, their audience and target users are totally different. While Selenium targets users of all major development languages, supporting even mobile automation in tools such as
Appium, Cypress is only focused on making testing better for JavaScript web developers and QA engineers that understand the JavaScript language.


Cypress runs on the browser and this gives it an edge over tools such as Selenium WebDriver. Running on the browser means that Cypress is significantly faster and can interpret commands quicker at runtime, as there are no third-party services interpreting the commands on its behalf or sending HTTP requests to the browser driver. While all the Cypress commands run inside the browser, it is possible for Cypress to tell what is happening outside the browser, as it has access to everything that the application has, including the window object, the DOM, a document object, or any other process and method.

As long as your application has access, then Cypress tests will have access. The following diagram shows the architecture of Cypress versus the Selenium WebDriver architecture. Where in Cypress, the execution takes place in the browser, in Selenium, the execution takes place outside the browser:

Why Cypress is Better than Selenium in 2022? 1

Cross-browser compatibility

Cypress does not currently support all major browsers in the way Selenium WebDriver does. Cypress is currently supporting browsers built using the Chromium open source project, Firefox, Edge, and Electron (the default browser in Cypress). On the other hand, Selenium has support for all major browsers and this gives it an advantage when it comes to the ability to test applications on multiple platforms. While it is possible to argue that cross-browser functionality across more than three browsers increases the architecture complexity with minimal value to the testing process, support for multiple browsers may
lead to identifying bugs that are of high priority, even though the severity of the bugs could potentially be low

Cypress trade-offs

As mentioned previously, Cypress is a test automation tool that is focused on end-to-end test automation on the browser. Being able to run on the browser means that Cypress can interact with the elements on the browser better than any other tools but it also means that Cypress has permanent trade-offs that cannot be changed due to its architecture. The trade-offs are described in the following subsections.

Scope limitations

Cypress works best when used as an automation utility for QA engineers and developerswho are writing tests. Cypress does not support tools for manual automation and has no plans to integrate manual testing tools in the framework.

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Cypress is also not designed for activities such as web indexing and performance testing, and carrying out such activities may reduce the performance ability of the framework.

Environment limitations

Cypress runs on the browser and that means the language it supports will always be JavaScript, as the test code will always be evaluated in the browser. Being able to run in the browser means that to connect to a database or a server we can only use the Cypress commands of cy.exec(), cy.request(), or cy.task(), which provide a way to expose the database or the server, which might be more work than if we could explicitly define their configurations and Cypress understood them. Having tests run in the browser creates a great experience for running tests, but it is a little cumbersome to plug in functionality that needs to run outside the browser.

Multiple browsers and multiple tabs – limitations

The Cypress framework does not support the ability for a test to control multiple browsers when running. This is a permanent trade-off since the ability to control multiple browsers is not possible when running tests within one browser.
The Cypress framework does not support the ability to interact with more than one browser tab, as this functionality is not exposed inside the browser. However, Cypress provides the ability to incorporate other tools such as Selenium or Puppeteer to operate and drive multiple browser tabs when needed

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Control origin limitations

Cypress only supports visiting URLs that are from the same origin in the same test. The control origin limitation means that for any particular test, you are not able to visit different URLs that do not belong to the same origin. An example would be trying to send a request to https://github.com and https://gitlab.com in the same test, which would lead to an error. The following examples illustrate the improper and proper ways of utilizing the cross-origin when writing Cypress tests.

The proper way of utilizing cross-origin to run tests

In the following test, the user prompts Cypress to first navigate to the https://
github.com GitHub website and then to https://docs.github.com/en
(documentation link) for the GitHub resources. Both of the links belong to the same origin, github.com, and therefore Cypress would have no issue executing the requests.

The improper way of utilizing cross-origin to run tests

In this test, the user prompts Cypress to first navigate to https://github.com, then
later navigate to https://gitlab.com, which is of a different origin to the first URL.
This will lead to an error being thrown when the test is run:

Cypress and Selenium complementary actions

We can utilize both Cypress and Selenium together in some instances that are rare but still achievable when writing our tests. While Cypress has the limitation of not being able to control more than one browser tab, it is possible to configure Cypress to use Selenium to run multiple tabs. We can also utilize Cypress for our end-to-end tests and Selenium for activities such as load tests. Selenium has the ability to perform tests such as load tests, which are not supported in Cypress, and in such instances both test frameworks can be utilized together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Cypress test automation tool?

Ans: Cypress testing is an end-to-end framework for web test automation. It enables front-end developers and test automation engineers to write automated web tests in JavaScript, the main language used for developing websites. The use of JavaScript makes Cypress testing automation especially attractive to developers.

Q. Is Cypress better than Selenium?

Ans: Selenium is preferred over Cypress when one need:
When you need to run a test case on different browsers simultaneously then Selenium Grid works the best, since Cypress cannot be used to drive two browsers at the same time. Cross browser testing at scale becomes easy with Selenium.

Q. Is Cypress a tool or framework?

Ans: Cypress framework is a JavaScript-based end-to-end testing framework built on top of Mocha – a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and convenient.

Q. Is Cypress A good automation tool?

Ans: Cypress is an open-source test automation tool that aims to provide a more straightforward and developer-friendly web application testing experience. It utilizes a DOM manipulation technique and directly interacts with browsers without the need for separate browser-specific drivers.

Q. Is Cypress built on Selenium?

Ans: No.

Q. Is Cypress A BDD tool?

Ans: Cypress framework is a JavaScript-based end-to-end testing framework built on top of Mocha – a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and convenient. It also uses a BDD/TDD assertion library and a browser to pair with any JavaScript testing framework.

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Latest Work From Home Jobs Remote for Software Testing – 2022

QA Tester

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Work From Home Jobs Remote

Company Name: Alternative Path

Long Term Work From Home jobs remote

Skills: Performance Testing: Jmeter/Load Runner

Monitoring Tools: Dynatrace/New relic/App Dynamics

Experience: Minimum 2 Years in Performance Testing.

mail Id: subash@alternative-path.com

Hiring For Automation Test Engineer!!

Budget-10 to 15 LPA
Skills Required-#selenium #java #postman #postmanapi

#immediate joiner should be given more preference.

Work From Home Permanent !!!

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TO THE NEW is hiring Senior Quality Engineer (Permanent Work From Home)

●4-7 years of experience in manual and automation testing with some years of experience in white box testing using Java and JUnit.
● Strong skills in Java and JUnit, and test automation.
● Experience in automating using tools like Selenium, Protractor, Appium, etc.
● Good knowledge of tools like Jenkins, SonarQube, TestNG, Maven, ALM, JIRA.

Interested candidates can share their resume at megha.singh1@tothenew.com

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We are a startup looking for a talented QA Engineer for our mobile app and api. This is a part time position, 20 hours per week Fully remote Work .You will need access to android and ios devices.
job description :
Work closely with the product management and development teams to help them test and improve devices used in projects. Reviewing and analyzing system specifications Perform analysis and raise bugs related to different features. Executing test scripts and reviewing results Reporting and documenting technical issues Execute test cases (manual or automated) and analyze results Evaluate product code according to specifications Create logs to document testing phases and defects Report bugs and errors to development teams Help troubleshoot issues Conduct post-release/ post-implementation testing Work with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development , Telecom/Technology IT/Software Development Quality
If you’re interested to join us kindly send your updated portfolio +CV to
Title: Senior Automation QA Engineer – Must have Mobile automation using Appium
Contract – 4 to 6months
Location: Remote
Experience Level: 8+ Years
Start: Immediate
Budget-12 LPA
– Must have good expertise in Manual and automation testing.
– Experience in Automation Testing-Java + Appium/ Selenium(Cucumber BDD).
– Experience in API Automation, knowledge in Postman tool.
– Experience in writing clear, concise, and comprehensive test cases.
– Familiar with anyone Defect Tracking Tool.
– Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies.
– Familiar with STLC and Agile processes.
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Interested can share CV to pooja@talentbasket.in
Manual Testing
Job details
₹35,000 a month
Job Type
Regular / Permanent
Bachelor’s (Preferred)
Knowledge about
Jira tool
Full Job Description
We are looking for QA Engineer to work on Manual Testing for Web & mobile applications management.
. Documenting and reporting defects & test results and driving them through resolutions and verification
Working with web, mobile & desktop application testing procedures, techniques, and tools, including test planning and test case writing
Creating detailed test cases for web, mobile & desktop apps
Have good knowledge of Software Testing, Manual Testing, Rest API, GUI Testing, Database Testing,SQL
Good communication skills are mandatory.
Interview mode online
Share your cv
Need Corporate Trainer For Automation Testing and Manual Testing
I need Corporate Trainers for Automation Testing Batch
Its a full day batch from 9.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M for 30 Days
Those who have the below skill set will be preferred
Manual Testing concepts
Selenium using Java
API Testing using SOAP UI
Rest Assured
Location :- Remote and should be belong to India Location only #testing #java #automation #remote #freelance
BCM Uruguay is hiring! 
QA + Test Automation (+5 years of experience)
100% Remote position
Contractor – USD
English level: B2/B2+
.SeleniuM + C# + experience in end to end testing on web based applications + some understanding of a CI/CD pipeline + Doing test Re would be good to have.
Contact me:
New Remote Job! OnTheGoSystems: QA Tester Apply here: https://lnkd.in/et7hkCTA
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We are hiring for Automation Testing
Exp : 4-8 years
Skills: Automation, Postman, Jenkins, etc.
“Immediate – 7days only”
Attractive Salary + PF + Medical Insurance
Location: WFH
Interested, please drop resume to ezhilarasi.k@aequor.com, contact: 7358266447.
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Greeting from TalentXO……!!
Hubilo is hiring for the category of Quality assurance for the job role of senior / lead quality QA engineer (Automation)
Location – Remote
Experience – 7 to 10 years must
No. of positions- 8
Max notice period – 90 days
CTC – upto 35 lacks
Key skills-
o  Automation Testing
o  Selenium
o  API Testing
o  Performance Testing
Super Quality Profiles, Must be a strong QA or SDET profile, Product Company only
Must have Strong Work Experience in API & UI Automation Testing
Mandatory Skills – Must have Experience in Java & Selenium
Must have  experience in following –
Automation Testing, UI Automation, API Automation, Performance Testing & Security Testing.
Interested candidates can drop their CV on following mail and for further details- sandeep.kaur@partner.talentxo.com
Job description
Job Title: QA Mobile Test Engineer
Location: Remote
Exp Required: 5+ year
Duration: 6 + months (with possible extension)
Tarangan Solutions is a highly recognized provider of professional IT Consulting services in India.
Here is our open requirement which can be filled immediately. Kindly respond to this requirement with your resume, contact, and current location info to speed up the interview process.
Skills required:
1) Mobile Automation (Appium)
2) API Testing
3) API Automation
4) Web testing using selenium
These are mandatory requirements
Share Your CV/ Resume:
TO THE NEW is hiring Senior Quality Engineer (Permanent Work From Home)
●4-7 years of experience in manual and automation testing with some years of experience in white box testing using Java and JUnit.
● Strong skills in Java and JUnit, and test automation.
● Experience in automating using tools like Selenium, Protractor, Appium, etc.
● Good knowledge of tools like Jenkins, SonarQube, TestNG, Maven, ALM, JIRA.
Interested candidates can share their resume at megha.singh1@tothenew.com
References are highly appreciated!
We are hiring! QA Automation – SeleniumWD, Cucumber, JavaScript, API Testing, Postman
Send your resume to jenny@italents.com.mx
Our client in Cebu is directly-hiring 𝗦𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗼𝗿 𝗔𝘂𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗤𝗔 𝗘𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗿𝘀 that are amenable to work on WFH set up with dayshift/mid shift schedule.
Required experience:
-5+ years extensive work experience in Automation Testing using recent automation tools (Selenium, Java, TestNG, API Automation) and scripting language
– Experience in CI/CD process and good knowledge in Azure Pipeline, Test plan and Build & Release process
– Experience in SpecFlow / BDD implementation using any one automation tool (Selenium / Cypress / C#)
– Experience/knowledge in Agile/Scrum process
Other details:
– Permanent WFH Arrangement
– Dayshift / Mid shift schedule
– Direct hire, Fulltime, and Permanent
Applications or referrals can be sent to nc@currandaly.com
Hello connections,
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We have an immediate requirement for QA Automation Engineer it’s a Remote position with one of our direct clients. Please share your resume with me at ramya@narwalinc.com.
Job Title: QA Automation Engineer
Location: Remote (100 Remote)
Duration: Long Term
Experience 8+
Must Have skills
Manual testing
Tosca experience
web app integration
ServiceNow experience
 migration + data validation experience
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I am having an urgent opening for the below mention project.
Note dnt share resume below 8 yrs for this Roles
Senior Software Test Engineer (.Net with QA) – Mandatory
Location: Remote for now (Dresher, PA)
Role 1
Be the senior member in the QE team for multiple project releases with multiple dependencies, acting as a liaison with IT teams to ensure delivery of high quality product
Should be able to effectively plan, define test Strategy, provide QE estimates, provide test management and Test Reporting throughout the Testing cycle
Should be able to create and modify automated scripts in the proprietary framework (C#/Java and Selenium)
Enhance the .Net framework by creating and modifying functions
Should be able to understand the technical details of the product(s)
At least 8+ years of IT QE experience with no less than 5 years of scripting experience delivering successful products in agile/ iterative / waterfall environment Mandatory
Strong Automation testing proficiency using Quality Engineering testing techniques, methodologies and best practices leveraging any test management tools such as Azure DevOps, HP quality Center, TFS, MTM
Strong Automated Test tool proficiency with Practical experience on any Automation framework/ scripting like xUnit/nUnit, Selenium using C#, Java Script or any other open source automation technologies
Experience working with performance Engineers or Performance tools such as JMeter
At least 5 years’ experience working with Database testing techniques using SQL server/ Sybase and strong understanding of database schemas Mandatory
Understanding of Object oriented Concepts, Web Application UI model, HTTP, XML, basic understanding of Dynamic web applications, API/ Service Layer and experience with White box, gray box, black box test development
Selenium web driver experience is required
Experience writing Test automation scripts with C# is required
8+ years requirements/scripting/IT experience Mandatory
3+ years working in an Agile environment

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Hello everyone
We are looking for,
Position : QA Consultant
Location : Des Plaines , IL (Hybrid work 3 days onsite /2 days remote)
Duration : 6 -24 Months contract with EXT
Manual Tester
API Testing
Selenium using Java would be a plus
Must have a Contract QA candidate for 6-24 months.
This person will be:
Analyze requirements
Write test scripts
Execute Test Scripts
Needs to be detail oriented and be able to operate with little supervision.
Interested one’s kindly share me the resume to basanthi@ritwikinfotech.com
Thank you
Hope you are doing good, If you are looking for a change we are having a position of
Senior Salesforce QA Automation Engineer . If you are available, please send your resume at ranjith@symplore.com or reply back.
Senior Salesforce QA Automation Engineer
Pleasanton, CA(Initially 1 month remote after onsite)
Contract To Hire
What You’ll Do
Design test processes and procedures used to ensure that software operates within defined requirements.
Create detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test cases.
Implement test plans, automation, and validation strategies.
Develop and maintain automated test scripts to reduce repetitive manual testing.
In-depth functional testing – Must be able to evaluate functional stability to ensure business requirements are being met and are “fit-for-purpose” through end-to-end functional and automation testing.
Work closely with software developers and Product Owners / Business Analysts to resolve issues.
Clearly communicate any obstacles to raise awareness and avoid project impediments and overall project timeline disruption.
Collaborate with Product Owner, Business Analysts, and Developers on tasks related to the planning, testing, and coordination of release activities.
Participate in user story creation process through dissection of high-level requirements during team review sessions.
What You Know
7+ years of work experience in Quality Assurance roles with automation testing experience.
4+ years of testing experience with multiple Salesforce Service Cloud projects.
Experience with Salesforce automation testing with Provar or Selenium.
Good experience on Selenium Web Driver and IDE and creating scripts in Selenium.
Experience with testing data-driven flows through API integration.
Experience in testing CTI integration flows with Salesforce Service Cloud.
Experience in writing clear, concise, and comprehensive test plans and test cases.
Knowledge of testing integrations, end-to-end system processes.
Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Demonstrated ability to think outside the box.
Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process.
Active Salesforce certification preferred
Ranjith Kumar
US IT Recruiter
Email: ranjith@symplore.com
Ph: 248 237 7988 EXT:134
Website- www.symplore.com
Looking SDET AUTOMATION Testing- Java Selenium, API,Remote and Long Term Contract (Canada consultants only).
if you interest plz send me your update profile to raja@s4analytix.com
Dear connections,
we are looking for Quality engineer, if any body interested kindly share your resume to pooji@eliteexceed.com
skill set- Manual QE
Postman, API testing, ux testing
remote position
Hiring : Automation Tester (5 positions)
Location : Austin , Texas /Houston, Texas ( Initially remote then onsite at Austin, TX or Houston TX)
Long term Contract opportunity
Experience : 3 -8 years
Core skills:
•         Experience with Automation tools – Selenium with Java, Rest-assured with good coding skills
•         Experience in API testing using Postman
•         Experience in Cucumber framework
•         knowledge of DevOps CICD pipeline
•         Java programming skills with Java 8
•         Experience in designing of frameworks, methodologies
•         Having excellent written and verbal communication
•         Experience with Agile Scrum Methodology
•         Experience on Jira and Confluence
share resume at prasannakumar.manda@techwave.net
Information Security Compliance Analyst
Location:-100% Remote
Interview:-Video Interview
Required Skills:-
– Testing of controls
– Automation of manual tasks using Python or PowerShell
– Financial Services is REQUIRED but if you see someone very strong without domain experience, we can consider
2-5+ years experience. Perform assessments and analysis of critical controls and track deliverables in order to meet compliance with security and risk management controls.
Ability to understand various audit controls (Example, SOC, SOX etc.).
Develop appropriate process and procedures and automation as needed
(avinash@apetan.com )

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We are currently looking for Quality Assurance Analyst, with a excelent English Level:
What do we expect from you?
✔ Requirements Analysis, User Story Design, Test Plan, Text Execution, Test Scripts Automation.
✔ 4+ years of experience with: #Java, #Junit, #Cucumber, #Selenium, #Jira (nice to have);
✔ Experience working in an #Agile environment and #SCRUM methodologies.
✔ Fluent in #english .
💬🙋 ou 📩  recrutamento@irium.pt
Multiple open opportunities ( Toronto, ON / Long Term Contract / Remote until COVID) .Immediate Hiring .Professionals with Valid Canadian Work Authorization are requested to apply. Please share resumes to pragati@idctechnologies.com
SDET (Java , Python or Groovy, API Development, Jmeter, Load Runner)
Automation, Devops
API Automation, Azure, Java, Springboot, Microservices, Hibernate, Devops
SQL, ETL, Java, Selenium
Automation Test Lead
Tableau, Azure Synapse, Oracle Database, Unix
Automation Analyst -UFT/Selenium
Azure, ETL
Service Now BSA
Accessibility Test
API Automation Lead
Hadoop / Hive / Python / Spark / Pyspark / Sqoop / Shell Script
Senior BSA, SQL, Agile, Azure
Solutions design – Azure technologies
Azure Data Engineer
Automation Tester – Strong Selenium background (100% remote)
Location: New York, NY
Experience: 5+ years
Immediate Interview
Please send me resumes to Karthik.rajan@pamten.com
Need-Principal Quality Engineer
Share resumes on samuel@sapphiresoftwaresolutions.com
Position: Principal Quality Engineer
Location: Dallas, TX (Remote)
Duration: Contract
Understanding of the industry, specific WWEX business model, and unique characteristics of the Company.
Detailed understanding of Quality Assurance tools, practices and success measures. Known to others for knowledge and leadership in this area.
Agile development methodologies.
Common business practices and software product design and development.
Building collaborative relationships.
Influencing, leading change that drives business performance.
Verbal and written communication skills.
Assessment and decision-making skills.
Relationship building both within the organization and with external sources.
Presentation and facilitation skills.
Critical thinking.
Forward thinking.
Technical Expertise.
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science, Engineering or related preferred
7+ years of Quality Assurance/Engineering testing experience in a web application environment Testing User Interfaces, Web services, Microservices, API’s application components
5+ years of hands-on scripting/coding experience with the following testing tools such as REST-Assured, Selenium WebDriver, Jmeter or other similar Java automation tools which uses object-oriented programs
Prior experience guiding direct reports/other QA team members with test planning, test strategy, driving quality improvements across SDLC and QA scripts/QA code peer review (PR) process
Experience working in a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Continuous Testing/ DevOps/Cloud environment supporting weekly or daily production deployments
Thanks and Regards
SAMUEL SEGAL| US IT Technical Recruiter
Sapphire Software Solutions
Phone: 580-205-3787
Email: samuel@sapphiresoftwaresolutions.com
LinkedIn: https://lnkd.in/gj3ZxXJZ
I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful day!
Let me know if you are interested in this position.!!
#automation #sdet #oracle #w2requirements  
Title: Quality Engineer(SDET)
Work Authorization: USC/GC/EAD GC
Location: 100% Remote
Duration: 6 months
Interview Mode: 1 pre-recorded Video test (approximately taking 8-12 minutes) followed by 2 rounds of video discussion with the End Client (30 minutes each).
Note: it’s a w2 Contract those who have their own corporation can work on c2c
Basically, looking for a strong Automation tester with expertise in Cucumber. Rest skills: Java, Selenium.
Professional experience in software development, of which, last 6 years needs to be in test automation or quality engineering
Experience with Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform
Experience with CI/CD tools such as GitLab CI, Jenkins, Harness, Maven, Gradle
Experience with infrastructure automation tools such as Terraform and/or Ansible
Experience with Security tools such as GitLab CI, Qualys, Contrast, Twistlock, Veracode
Experience with Cloud database technologies such as Aurora, CloudSQL, S3 buckets, etc.
Experience with Agile practices including SAFe and/or Scrum

Grateful, Thankful & Best Regards
Associate Technical Recruiter – KIRTISERVICES
Fax: +1 516.908.7980
Long Island, NY, 11801-2562
W: https://kirtiservices.com/
Job Title – QA Analyst (Manual)
Location – 100% remote
Contract on W2
MUST BE: Manual Testing focused
REST Assured
Should you be interested, please send me a copy of your resume in word format along with the following details ASAP.
Full Name:
Current Location:
Hourly rate on W2:
Work Authorization:
Earliest Available date to start:
Date and times available to interview:
Two Professional References:(Preferably Supervisory references):
Sent on 24 June 22
Best Regards,
Rahul Singh
+15103588565 Ext – 1006

Also, check Interview Study materials

Looking to add two QA Testers to the team. We have an immediate need for 1 Manual and 1 Automation tester. These are remote contract to hire roles working EST hours.
Required Skills
5+ years of applicable quality assurance experience
2 to 3 years of experience in mobile applications testing including iOS and Android platforms.
2 years of experience in testing REST APIs
Experience writing SQL queries
Excellent knowledge in QA process including writing test cases, executing test cases, reporting the issues, and verifying the bug fixes)
Experience working in an agile and fast-paced environment
Self-motivated and able to work independently
Prior experience with mobile testing frameworks (Appium, Espresso) and exposure to social media app testing are an added plus
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I Have a very Urgent position of QA Manual engineer (with extensive knowledge in API testing and POSTMAN) based at Remote. If you interested, please share your updated Resume at hari.sen@excelonsolutions.com
Job: QA manual Engineer
We have urgent requirement #SalesforceTester @ Alpharetta, GA (Day 1 Onsite No Remote)
Please share the relevant resumes at Vardhanr@anirasolutions.net
Hope You Doing Good
Note: Must Need to Go Onsite Form Day One
Title: Salesforce Tester
Location: Alpharetta, GA (Onsite Job)
Duration: 12+ Months
Rate: DOE
Job Description:
Strong Experience in Contact Centre Testing
Expert is Salesforce Automation Testing
Strong experience in Selenium tool
Experience in working with call routing
Thanks & Regards
Anira Solutions Inc
Client name: General Motors
Internal Job Title: Senior Software Engineer (DevOps)
Location: 7015 Edward Cole Boulevard – Michigan IT Innovation Center, Warren, MI
100% Remote Work
Visa: USC or GC Preferred, H1’s ok too
Top 3 Skills
•       10+ years of experience working in Software Development in a mobile development iOS and Android, QA, or DevOps role and bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent combination of education and recent, relevant work experience.
•       7+ years of experience with Test Automation – Perfecto, Selenium, Test Java Code, Cucumber Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework test and software development experience designing, building, and maintain automation frameworks using a modern programming or scripting language
•       5+ years fortune companies experience and exposure and understanding of a wide range of technologies including but not limited Operating Systems and Software Languages
Email: recruiter2@technoemails.com
Phone: 732-361-2606
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I need your help and support – I am looking forward to hire a Sr. QA – 100% remote – EST
Note : This position is only for W2 no C2C.
Send in your resumes/Hot Lists to cheekatla.anvesh@nuvento.com
Job Title: Quality Analyst/Quality Engineer(Manual)
Duration – 6 months+
Interview Process – 1 interview
Key Skills
5+ years of QA experience
Solid foundation of Manual QA Processes
Strong SQL, Data querying/analysis skills
Ability to test API (postman SOAP UI)
Experience with integration and downstream testing
FIS OMNI Software and Annuity Product Experience
This person needs to have very good communication skills and a lot of initiative due to the remote nature of the position.
Please share suitable profile on himanshu@cdisolutionsinc.com
Job Title: IOS SDET Consultant
Location: Remote
Duration: 6+ Months
Have interview slots delivery 100% needed
3+ years iOS app development using: Swift / Objective-C (all new development is in Swift)
3+ years performing detailed technical design and implementation of moderately complex iOS applications
2+ years professional experience using 3 or more automation tools (e.g., Selenium, TestNG, Appium, Sauce Labs, Rest Assured, Postman, Cucumber, Jasmine, Protractor, etc.)
2+ years professional experience with various testing methodologies and strategies: Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, etc
2+ years professional experience designing and developing applications on Unix or designing complex multi-tiered applications.
2+ years minimum experience with Agile/Scrum
Proven experience improving product quality through code reviews, writing effective unit tests
Solid grasp of mobile networking and REST Web Service
Experience in API design, SDK architecture, and mobile SDLC practices.
Experience and understanding of large and complex code bases and architecture
Demonstrated ability to work in cross functional teams and ability to drive results through positive influence
Have experience identifying performance bottlenecks
Experience with working with Redis & Apigee Proxy
Work with a cross-functional team of developers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, sales, and support analysts daily
Technical leadership skills for managing a track of work and defining a comprehensive solution leading
Familiarity with user-centered analysis
Ability to translate high technical solutions/problems to audiences at varying technical levels.
Strong ability to prepare and present technical documentation
Experience with REST APIs and Microservices.
Familiarity with Cucumber, Spring, Java, JIRA, GitLab, Splunk is a plus.
Strong willingness to learn new technologies and quality engineering practices
Excellent communication and cross-group collaboration skills
Quick learner and proactive personality.
Experience with Agile Framework
Experience working Jira, Gitlab, AppDynamics, and Splunk

Position: : Mobile SDET
Location: Fremont CA, Charlotte NC, Chandler AZ, NYC, NJ(3 Days Onsite – 2 Days Remote)
Experience: 5+
Must Have:
Cucumber & JavaScript (JavaScript coding experience)
Experience with GitHub version control and collaboration tool
Good selenium error debugging skill.
Strong in BDD concepts
Appium Experience mandatory
Strong Understanding in Agile Process
Strong Experience in Java Testing Frameworks (TestNG, JUNIT)
Design and architect modular and reusable automated testing solutions that satisfy client requirements.
Provides automation expertise, training and coaching to team members.
Keep current with advances in automation methodologies and tools.
Experience with Jenkins or other continuous integration software
Exposure to Application tools, JIRA integration (plug-ins like Assert That BDD, Zephyr, X-ray), Service virtualization will be good to have.
Experience with build & dependency management tools like Maven, Gradle, cocoa pods
Deliver a robust automation framework built upon established and proven open-source tools and strong experience on Service layer testing) to support Agile/Scrum development, DevOps, and CI/CD  
Thanks & Regards
+1(510) 902-2028
Dear connections,
we are looking for Quality engineer, if any body interested kindly share your resume to varun@eliteexceed.com
skill set- Manual QE
Postman, API testing, ux testing
remote position
Today Priority Recruitment
Title : Software Test Lead
Location : North Reading, MA ( Day 1 onsite, no remote at all)
Duration : Long Term
C#, Python
Manual and Automation Testing Exp
Visual Studio
Contact Me: alex.s@avanceservices.us
Consultant status: H4-EAD having 7+ years of experience in QA
Preferred Locations: IL Chicago/ Remote
Need C2C Requirements
QA Automation/Test Engineer/Manual Testing/SDET/
QA Tester/ Test Analyst/QA Engineer
If you have any requirements please Share to Email: hari.palakaluri@radixsoft.net
Hi connection,
Looking for QE resumes for API testing
#manual QE #Postman, #apitesting, #ux testing
Client – WWEX
And this is internal position #urgentrequirement
Kindly share your resume to priya@eliteexceed.com
 Automation Tester (5 positions)
Location : Austin ,Texas /Houston, Texas ( Initially remote then onsite )
Long term Contract opportunity
Experience : 3 -8 years
Core skills:
•         Experience with Automation tools – Selenium with Java, Rest-assured with good coding skills
•         Experience in API testing using Postman
•         Experience in Cucumber framework
•         knowledge of DevOps CICD pipeline
•         Java programming skills with Java 8
Share resume at prasannakumar.manda@techwave.net
Hope you are doing good, If you are looking for a change we are having a position of
Mobile Quality Engineer. If you are available, please send your resume at ranjith@symplore.com or Reply back.
Mobile Quality Engineer
Pleasanton, CA (1 Month remote after onsite)
What You’ll Do
·        ∙ Testing mobile devices to ensure their configuration, operation, and capabilities work efficiently.
·        ∙ Working with device manufacturers, product managers, and development teams to test and optimize
·        mobile products.
·        ∙ Developing automated test scripts and frameworks for improved mobile app performance.
·        ∙ Working with a variety of databases and coding programs, such as Objective-C, Java, HTML, as well
·        as XML and JSON feeds.
·        ∙ Updating operating systems, specifically iOS, and Android.
·        ∙ Producing clear and concise test reports and releasing notes to co-workers when needed.
·        ∙ Providing feedback to development teams on technical, troubleshooting, or operational issues.
·        ∙ Assisting with the configuration of test environments.
·        ∙ Suggesting new processes and policies improve mobile development techniques.
What You Know
·        ∙ Strong in Automation and have to do manual testing/end-to-end testing as required.
·        ∙ Experience with Mobile Automation (android, iOS) and UI Testing.
·        ∙ At least two years of experience in mobile application testing and development.
·        ∙ Working knowledge of mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.
·        ∙ Experience in developing automated test scripts.
·        ∙ Ability to develop software applications using programming or scripting languages such as Java and
·        HTML.
·        ∙ Experience in using configuration management or version control tools.
Ranjith Kumar
US IT Recruiter
Email: ranjith@symplore.com
Ph: 248 237 7988 EXT:134
Website- www.symplore.com
Automation Tester – Strong Selenium background (100% remote)
Location: New York, NY
Experience: 5+ years
Immediate Interview
Please send me resumes to Karthik.rajan@pamten.com

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exclusive openings for SDET
#sdet #w2requirements #w2only #javascript
Role: SDET
Contract: 6 months
Location: Remote (ANYWHERE IN USA)
Project: The Project is to modernize the existing OB Home Care (OBHC) high-risk maternity platform called TraxCS. This work is done to make the platform in compliance with the recommendation given by CMS and Joint Commission (JC).
QE automation using Selenium
Experience in JavaScript, and TypeScript for Protractor Framework
Java programming experience with OOPs concept
Mobile automation and browser cross platform testing using Sauce Lab
Experience with CICD using tools like Jenkins, Maven and Github
Solve problems related to the member experience and member engagement in health programs
Be an independent self-directed resource in scrum team to work on Optums digital assets
Be able to implement solutions and deliver artifacts on a timely basis to meet customer deadlines
Partner with our product team to recommend industry best solutions for our digital assets
Produce working software code of Optum digital assets
Actively participate in solutioning discussions and provide updates to documentation (including but not restricted to design documents, quality documents, architecture documents etc)
Provide technical recommendations, guidelines and best practices for the technical team
Desk: 6303134033
LinkedIn: https://lnkd.in/d-2ipVCt
One of our client is looking for a Test Architect with Telecommunication or IT background. If anyone interested, please share resume to dduvvuru@sageitinc.net
Title: Test Architect
Location: Philadelphia, PA (Remote)
Duration: Long term
Skills: Automation and Functional Testing
Urgently #hiring for #Manual Testing
Location : Remote, #India
Experience : Fresher
Skillset : #Database #Testing, #GUI Testing, Manual Testing, #Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC), #Software Testing, #Git & #Github, #UI/UX
Interested one can apply at : https://hireme.ltd/home
Interested one can DM on 9473326296(Only WhatsApp) or Email on hiremee.ltd@gmail.com
Referral will be highly appreciated.

Excellent QA Selenium Automation opportunities.
It is a 100% remote/work from the home position.
LinkedIn Profile (Must be Good)
Open on contract and full-time/permanent, both. A very quick fill role with immediate interviews.
devesh.patel@ktekresourcing.com or 8325549781
Hello #jobseekers
Here is only the #w2 role.
Fast Moving Role
QE w/Lead exp
Columbus, OH
18+ Months
100% Remote
This is a QE/Lead position with 70% Testing and 30% Leadership
Skills required/MUST-HAVE:
* Experience leading the team’s testing efforts
* Self-starter and good at follow-through and thought leadership and willingness to roll up the sleeves!
* Experience with leading and executing the entire testing lifecycle (performing manual/automation testing, identifying test plans, test cases, testing methods and when and how to apply each, resolving testing team blockers etc)
* Experience with test automation; concepts and execution in any tool is the important part of this; TOSCA is desired but not required
* Good verbal and written communication