FedEx Freight Announces an Increase in Door Count


MEMPHIS, Tennessee, August 8 - Earlier this summer, FedEx Freight celebrated the completion of a new 218-door facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

“The continued growth in the Phoenix market coupled with our expanded footprint with additional doors provides us the much-needed capacity to meet the growing demand,” Scott Doleman, said.

This facility not only puts FedEx Freight in a prime position to compete in the expanding Phoenix market, but it also increased the company's door count to nearly 26,000 this year.

“We’re talking about more than adding buildings or square footage,” said Lance Moll, FedEx Freight President and CEO. 

FedEx Freight constantly assesses opportunities to invest in capacity increase through door and yard extensions as well as shop footprints for fleet maintenance.


The network is also regularly assessed in light of shifting market circumstances, and current assets are used to their fullest potential 

“We will continue to invest in our network that provides the fastest published transit times in the industry,” said Moll. 

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