The Buccaneers just lost one of the best tight ends in the NFL to retirement. Still, the show goes on, and the Bucs need to replace Rob Gronkowski.

This is going to hurt for a little while. One way or another, the Buccaneers just got worse on offense. 

Losing one of the best pass-catchers in the NFL and one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets is not a way for this team to get closer to making it back to a Super Bowl. 

With an open hole in one of the starting tight end jobs and two rookies behind Cameron Brate 

The Bucs need to get busy in the tight-end free-agent market to lessen this blow. 

One of the first names that should pop up is Kyle Rudolph 

Rudolph is coming off a couple of quiet seasons in New York with a bad Giants team 

While he won’t be a Gronk, Rudolph is a decent guy to pair with Brate as an option with sure hands.

Another name that works well for that second tight end role is Eric Ebron. 

he has shown a similar catch rate to Brate during his career and has an affinity for the red zone.