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‘GTA 6’ Suffers Massive Leak Of 90 Gameplay Video

Rockstar is in danger this morning as 90 videos of early GTA 6 footage have leaked online.

This started on GTAforums, when a person entitled teapotuberhacker

who claims to be behind the latest Uber hack, posted 90 videos from a GTA6 beta build.

The clip confirms prior leaks about the locale, Vice City-like Miami, and the male and female leads.

Lucia and Jason are in the video.

In one footage, the user controls Lucia as she robs a diner and flees with Jason.

Jason watches two rednecks having a Rockstar-like chat by a pool.

I won't embed them because I'm sure Rockstar will remove them soon.

They'll have a hard time removing all the film because it's so widespread.