The Arizona Cardinals took down the New Orleans Saints on Thursday in a game that wasn't as close as the 42-34 score suggests. But the victory wasn't without drama. 

Late in the first half, Kyler Murray had a heated encounter with Kliff Kingsbury. 

The quarterback appeared to twice tell his coach, "Calm the f--- down," with Kingsbury saying something back before DeAndre Hopkins intervened.  

The exchange happened after the Cardinals took a timeout in the red zone because the play clock was winding down as Arizona was looking to even up the game.  

gh the Cardinals were able to score on the ensuing play and would go on to win in relatively convincing fashion 

much of the postgame talk surrounded the exchange between their star quarterback and coach.

FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd doesn't see what the big deal is with their spat. 

"Folks, it's live sports," Cowherd said on Friday's "The Herd." "Actors get 20 takes. Columnists have copy editors. Sports is live. 

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