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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Abhishek 'Shake' Chatterjee

Shake exclusively told Us in March 2022 that he has a girlfriend named Emily Wilson, who lives in Florida. 

Deepti Vempati

While she is “indifferent” to her ex Shake, there has been speculation about Deepti and Kyle since the reunion show.

Kyle Abram

Kyle has continued to play into the speculation about his status with Deepti, admitting in March 2022 that he regrets not pursuing her further.

Shaina Hurley

Shaina went public with new man Christos Lardakis in March 2022 and announced their engagement that same month. The twosome exchanged vows on July 2, 2022, at a Chicago 

Salvador 'Sal' Perez

While Sal told Bustle in March 2022 that he “met someone completely random, and it’s been great,” he hasn’t gone public with a new relationship.

Mallory Zapata

While Sal and Mal went out after the show, their connection didn’t last.

Shayne Jansen

He still works in Chicago real estate and made headlines in March 2022 when he showed off his body transformation via Instagram.

Natalie Lee

The influencer claimed she and Shayne only dated “twice” after their wedding and “not four times,” explaining in March 2022 

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely

The couple still live in Chicago and are happier than ever, celebrating one year of marriage in June 2022.

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