Ricki Lake Shares Sentimental Tattoo She Got in Her Late Ex-Husband's Memory After His Suicide

Ricki Lake's first-ever tattoo has a poignant meaning. 

he 54-year-old TV personality appeared on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain where she opened up about the ink on her left forearm that honors her late ex-husband, Christian Evans.  

Evans died in 2017 from a suicide after years of struggling with bipolar disorder. Evans and Lake were married from 2012 to 2015. 

"So this was his wedding vow to me that I found on the stationary after he died and it says, 'I vow to continue loving you.'" 

Lake, who has since remarried, shared that the message is both a tribute to her late ex and also a message to herself.  

"It's not only a message from him, but it's a message to continue loving myself," Lake said. 

Lake said. "That relationship and that loss was definitely the darkest period of my life, but through it, so many gifts have come out of it. 

I'm now remarried and I'm very much in the happiest place I've ever been in my life." 

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