Q) what are static blocks and static initializers in Java? Answer: Static blocks or static initializers are used to initialize static fields in java. 

3) What is method overriding in java? Answer: Will have methods with the same signature (same name, same signature, same return type) in the superclass and subclass 

Q) What is method overloading in java? Answer: A class having two / more methods with the same name but with different arguments

Q) What is a class? Answer: class is a kind of blueprint or template for objects.

Q) What is an object ? Answer: An Object is an instance of the class.

Q)What is method in java ? Answer: It contains the executable body that can be applied to the specific object of the class.

Q) What is encapsulation ? Answer: The process of wrapping or putting up of data in to a single unit class and keeps data safe from misuse is called encapsulation.