Draymond Green, with - from left - Klay Thompson and Steph Curry - addresses the crowd Monday, June 20, during the celebratory parade for the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco.

Draymond Green took issue prior to Monday’s Golden State Warriors celebratory parade that no players would be talking. 

The Warriors celebrated their NBA Finals championship Monday with fans and Green, once again, stole the show. 

“I’m trying to think of the most controversial thing I could say,” Green said, per SF Gate. “I don’t know what you want me to tell you. That we’re better than everybody? 

I’m just gonna continue to destroy people on Twitter and Instagram stories. 

Klay responds to Draymond: Marc Spears of ESPN reports, Klay Thompson didn’t let Green’s comment slide without a joke of his own.

Steve Kerr jokes about being hungover: There were plenty of highlights from the festivities, including coach Steve Kerr joking about getting over his hangover from the celebration after the Game 6 win over Boston.

Klay on the ‘little wins’ : Thompson had a bizarre answer explaining the “little wins” that made winning the NBA title so special.

Poole party in full force : Jordan Poole came ready for his “Poole Party,” armed with his own super soaker water gun.

Klay mocks Curry crying: As is the case after a championship, there is always a chance for tears to flow.

Kerry impersonates Curry: During one of the many tears, Kerr looked at the Boston crowd and gave the look of going to sleep, as in it is over.