You Must Know: What is Manual Testing?

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What is Manual Testing?

Let’s discuss the definition,

Testing software or applications repeatedly, or again and again manually to find defects in the software according to the customer’s requirements is called asManual Testing.”

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How to do Manual Testing?

developer will give the URL, username, and password to the test engineer and the test engineer will get the URL, Username, and password.

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The next test engineer job is:

  •  Test engineer will manually switch on the computer.
  •  Test engineer will manually check the internet connection.
  •  Test engineer will manually open the browser.
  •  Test engineer will manually enter the URL
  •  Welcome page will be displayed.
  •  Test engineer will manually enter the username and password and Click on the login button.
  • Test engineer will manually click on compose. And enter values for all the fields and Clicks on send button.
  • Test engineer will manually click on the sent item.

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Now here in the “sent items,” if Mail is displayed, then testing is passed. if not, means mail is not displayed in the sent item then testing failed that means there is a defect.

What is Manual Testing
Disadvantage of Manual Testing

What is the disadvantage of Manual Testing?

  • it is more time-consuming
  • it is a tedious/monotonous job.
  • ( testing sathe me thing again and again)
  • It is more resource utilization.
  • There will be no consistency in testing.
  •  Turn around time is more.
  •  (Time taken by a test engineer to give solution for customers problem is more and it is called as turn around time.)

How to overcome disadvantage of Manual Testing?

In order to overcome these drawbacks we go for automation testing.

Test Engineer will write the code or program by using tools like UFT or Selenium and Run the program against the application where in program will automatically test the application and gives the result as Passed or Failed is called as Automation Testing.

What is Manual Testing


Every company when they get any new project first they should test manually and then to save time companies go for automation.

Frequently asked questions on Manual Testing

Q. Why Manual Testing is used?

Ans: The purpose of manual testing is to catch bugs and feature issues before a software application goes live. When manually testing, the tester validates the key features of a software application. Analysts execute test cases and develop summary error reports without specialized automation tools.

Q. Is Manual Testing easy?

Ans: Manual testing is not an easy task to do. It requires proper knowledge and moreover patience to detect the bugs and figure out a way to correct them. The beginners can also use the guides, Manual testing for beginners that includes manual testing basics and information.

Q. Is Manual Tester are in demand?

Ans: As the use of the internet, mobile, and web applications grows, the need for quality assurance testers increases. From manual to automated testing, testers are necessary to meet the public’s demand for reliable and user-friendly software.

Q. Do Manual Testers have a future?

Ans: The modification and operational developments in manual testing are bringing it closer to software development. The future holds promising outcomes for manual testers, provided they keep improving their skills and learning new technologies.

Q. How fast can I learn Manual Testing?

Ans: To get hands-on expertise, the best idea is to join the QA Software Testing Training Program where you can learn everything from scratch. There are short-term courses where you can become a manual tester in just 30 days and learn something new almost every day.

Q. What skills do Manual Testers need?

Ans: Manual testing skills
Experience of working as a tester or in a similar position.
Ability to manage projects.
Comprehensive knowledge of quality assurance methodologies.
Knowledge of testing software such as Zephyr and qTest.
Knowledge of Agile frameworks.
Excellent communication skills.
Understanding of regression testing.

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