Free Google Courses you will regret not taking in 2023

1. Google Project Management 🔗 2. Agile Project Management 🔗 3. Project Execution: Running the Project 🔗 4. Foundations of Project Management 🔗 5. Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project 🔗 6. Project Planning: Putting It All Together 🔗 7. Google Analytics for Power Users 🔗 8. Fundamentals of digital marketing 🔗 9. Python Basics … Read more

What is Good About Negative Testing?

Negative Testing

The Power of Negative Testing: Uncovering Hidden Gems Introduction Hey there, fellow bloggers! negative testing Today, I want to dive into the intriguing world of software testing and shed some light on a lesser-known technique that can revolutionize your development process: negative tests. Also, check: Apply Now!, Latest WFH Software Testing jobs – 18 May … Read more

Top 10 Open-Source ETL Tools for QA Teams in 2023

ETL Tools for QA Teams

Introduction As a QA professional, I have witnessed firsthand the critical role of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) testing in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data. In this blog post, I will delve into the world of ETL testing, ETL Tools for QA Teams, explore the different types of ETL testing, discuss the common … Read more

21 Free CV Writing Tools ! Save your 100s dollars

21 Free CV Writing Tools

1) Flow CV – Also, check: Hurry UP! Latest WFH QA Jobs – 17 May 2023 2) Enhance CV – 3) Visual CV – 4) Kickresume – Also, check: Software Testing Final Round Interview Questions PDF Free Download 5) Resumenerd- 6) Novoresume 7) Resumonk 8) Resumaker Also, check: Exceptions in Software Testing PDF Free Download … Read more