A Software Tester’s Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Test Leader!”

You want to learn software testing, but there are two major problems with your learning.

First, You start learning it but there are so many possibilities, it’s hard to get started. Or even if you manage to get started it’s difficult to expert software testing without proper guidance.

Second, you don’t want to spend weeks or even months learning not only to get started, but the best ways to get started.

Friend, you’ve come to the right place — because I’ve got the answer to both the problems.

Introducing the Most Helpful, Practical and Inexpensive Software Testing Study Guide.

Stop yourself trying to figure out how to succeed in your software testing career. Instead, take benefit of these proven methods and real-life examples.

This is a Complete Manual Testing Course with Practical Tips on Job Hunting, Career Planning and Testing Skill Improvement!

You can pick up Software Testing Essentials and learn from the experts within a week! I’ve been working in the software testing field for almost a decade now. I know what it takes to learn software testing, get a job, and advance in this field.

Who should use this eBook?

It doesn’t matter if you are an undergraduate or graduate student or a fresher looking for a job in software testing or a professional working as a test engineer or a senior QA lead or a Test manager, this eBook is designed to be used as the primary textbook and an all-in-one resource for software test engineers and developers.

What You’ll learn after reading this eBook…

  • You should be able to get a job quickly with our comprehensive guide on resume and interview preparation.
  • Learn how to get started in software testing.
  • Learn best tips on how to quickly become a skilled software tester who finds critical defects in any application.
  • Learn how to manage defects like a pro and get those resolved.
  • How to become a web testing expert.
  • How to achieve exponential career growth and excel in your career.
  • How to deal with the developers during uncomfortable project meetings.
  • Master the art of becoming a good team leader/manager.
  • Plug-in all real-life tips and examples into almost any of your career situations for a bright software testing career.
  • …. and learn much more about software testing best practices which are not available in other text books…

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