13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED]

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Want to test items for a living while staying at home? Join Product Tester Jobs. The top product testing sites in the USA and around the world, which pay product testers for their opinions on software and consumer goods, are listed and compared below:

Product testing is a profitable industry. Companies pay people hundreds of dollars to review their products and fill out surveys before putting them on the market.

The procedure, also known as pilot testing, enables businesses to determine whether a market exists for their product.

Product testing is done by businesses to see how the target market will respond to the product. Knowing whether customers will like or reject the goods is helpful to them. Selected people receive free trial products, and they are asked to give an honest review after utilizing the product. Several businesses will also give you money or other gifts in exchange for evaluating their products.

Best Products Testing Websites

You are in the right place if you want to test things for pay. In this article, we’ll address some frequently asked issues about product testing and review some of the top websites for free product testing.

Fact Check: According to MarketWatch, the market for product testing services is predicted to increase at a rate of 15% annually. Customer input, an innovative culture, teamwork, staffing, communication, and time/budget are important success criteria for products.

Critical success factors of Product Development:

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FAQs About Product Tester Jobs

  1. Q #1) What is a Product Testing site?

    Answer: These websites ask users for opinions on unique products that businesses are looking to introduce to the market. You must evaluate the company's product and provide a frank review.

  2. Q #2) What is involved in Product Testing?

    Answer: A corporation will send you a novel product and ask you to submit a review. Some businesses can ask you to give an existing product an honest evaluation and post it on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

  3. Q #3) How to become a Product Tester?

    Answer: You must first register with a website that conducts product testing. After that, a screener email will be sent to you to make sure you qualify for the programme. If the business determines that you are qualified to test their product, they will get in touch with you. The business will send you a product to examine and provide feedback on after selecting you, usually within a week or two.

  4. Q #4) Do companies pay for Product Testing?

    Answer: You can indeed be compensated for product reviews. The best businesses compensate reviewers with money, gifts, or free products. Remember that testing the products is both free and permitted.

List Of Top Product Testing Sites

Here is a list of best Product Testing Companies:

  1. UserTesting.com
  2. Influenster
  3. BzzAgent
  4. Social Nature
  5. Brooks
  6. Smiley 360
  7. Vocal Point
  8. PINCHme
  9. JJ Friends & Neighbors
  10. Toluna Influencers
  11. Pinecone Research
  12. i-Say
  13. Vindale Research

Comparison Of Top 7 Product Testing Companies

Tool NameType of ProductsEligibilityPayment OptionsRatings

Multiple products, including electronics, automobiles, software, hardware, etc.US and international residents.Cash through Paypal5/5

Beauty brands, Personal care, Baby & toddler, Healthcare products, and Food Items.Residents of the US & Canada.Free products and samples5/5

Multiple products, including food items, personal care, beauty brands, etc.Residents of the US, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, or the UK.Free products and samples4.5/5
Social Nature

Food & drinks, health, beauty, household, baby, and pet products.Residents of the US & CanadaFree Products5/5

Sports shoes and apparel.US residents only.Free sports shoes and apparel4.5/5

Let us review these product testing sites in detail:

#1) UserTesting

Type of Products: Different products including electronics, automobiles, software, hardware, etc.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 1

Customer feedback testing platform UserTesting has been in operation since 2007. You will be required to successfully complete a sample exam based on your profile and demographics. You will be hired as a tester if your responses meet the criteria. The product tester may originate from any country in the world. To work as a product tester, all you need is a computer, a webcam, and an internet connection.

How does it work?

Enter your email address and complete a practise exam to register. You will get an email about possible product testing opportunities if they determine you are qualified. On the goods you utilise, you can provide feedback. You will be paid by the company one week after the test.

Example of Testing items: Ford Automobile, CBS news site, Adobe software, Facebook, Home Depot.

Verdict: One of the first and most reputable websites for testing products is UserTesting. The majority of product testers have welcomed the tests’ prompt payout. Yet, others have said that the qualifying exams will require patience from you.

Payment Options: To be compensated for reviewing a product, you must have a Paypal account. Depending on the assignment, each test has a different remuneration. According to the business, you will receive $10 for every 20 minutes of footage and up to $120 for an interview. You’ll receive payment a week after passing the test.

Website: UserTesting

#2) Influenster

Type of Products: Beauty brands, personal care, baby & toddler, healthcare products, and food items.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 2

Another fantastic website for testing products and receiving freebies is Influenster. VoxBoxes, which are complimentary themed boxes of products for evaluation, will be delivered to you. Currently, they exclusively distribute VoxBoxes to reviewers in the US and Canada. But no matter where you live, you may join the community of product testers.

How does it work?

A non-personal media account or an email address can be used to sign up for Influenster. Once you sign up to test products, you can ask and give evaluations, compile a list of your favourite products, and share product images on social media.

Example of Testing items: L’Oreal beauty products, Vegan ice cream, Mar Jacobs mascara, Aura skin oil, etc.

Verdict: Voxboxes may not allow you to earn cash. But if you are lucky, you may get Voxboxes containing branded beauty, healthcare, and food products for free.

Payment Options: The company gives Voxboxes only to a selected few people residing in the US and Canada.

Website: Influenster

#3) BzzAgent

Type of Products: Different products including food items, personal care, beauty brands, etc.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 3

You may try things, interact with other reviews, and post product feedback online thanks to the fantastic BzzAgent site. You’ll get invitations to participate in online polls where you can score BzzScore. You are more likely to receive free products for review and private use the higher your score.

How does it work?

You must be a resident of the US, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, or the UK in order to sign up as a BzzAgent. Do a few surveys after creating an account to help the business connect you with the right products. After registering, you can begin accumulating Bzz that are added to the BzzScore. Evaluate the item, write a BzzReport on it, and Bzz about it on your social network pages.

Example of Testing items: Hershey’s bar, P&G shampoo, L’Oreal beauty products, Nestle chocolates, etc.

Verdict: BzzAgent will be the right platform for you if you want to receive free beauty products, food items, and healthcare products. If you want to earn cash, the platform is not for you.

Payment Options: The company will give you free products instead of money for testing and buzzing about the products.

Website: BzzAgent

#4) Social Nature

Type of Products: Food & drinks, health, beauty, household, baby, and pet products.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 4

You may evaluate new natural brands on Social Nature. By joining the programme, you are given the opportunity to test and review upcoming products. You may review a tonne of products on the internet. If you live in the US or Canada, you can register.

How does it work?

You must register for an account by providing your email in order to join. Click the WANT button after choosing the item you are interested in. You will receive the product by mail so you can test it out and post a review on social media.

Example of Testing items: Alpha plant-based pizza, Plant-based fruit gel, Nature’s Aid All Purpose Skin Gel, Baby soothing lotion, etc.

Verdict: Social Nature is great for people who want to test and review natural products made by popular and up-coming brands.

Payment Options: You will get free products for posting a review on your social media.

Website: Social Nature

#5) Brooks

Type of Products: Sports shoes and apparel.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 5

The Brooks website is for athletes who wish to try out the most cutting-edge running shoes and gear. During your morning jobs, you will receive the equipment that you must test in the snow or sun.

How does it work?

An application for Brooks Product Testing must be filled out and submitted. If the business decides you qualify for product testing, they will get in touch with you. As a tester, you will be expected to offer a dispassionate assessment of athletic footwear and apparel. The corporation will make better Brooks Sports items using the knowledge.

Example of Testing items: Brooks running shoes, Brooks treadmill shoes, Women and Men sports apparels.

Verdict: If you are a fitness enthusiast and want the best running shoes and apparel for free, you should give Brooks product testing a try. But due to the popularity of the testing site, you may find the program to be full.

Payment Options: You will get the latest Brooks brand shoes and apparel. The company may ask you to return the product after use. But it sends back the product to the product testers.

Website: Brooks

#6) Smiley 360

Type of Products: Personal care, food items, cleaning products, medications, and beauty items.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 6

BzzAgent and Influenster’s product review programmes are comparable to Smiley360. By completing surveys and participating in online product conversations, you can gain points. Only US citizens are presently permitted to access the website.

How does it work?

You will receive a survey after creating a free account that will help the business determine what kinds of products to send you for evaluation. When you score 20 points and finish a “mission,” you will receive free items. You will accrue more points as you participate more in the activities.

Example of Testing items: Arm & Hammer toothpaste, Purity lotion, Centrum MultiGummies, Nexum capsules.

Verdict: Smiley 360 allows members to get free products for review. You can get to test and keep popular beauty care, food, non-prescription medications, and many other products for free.

Payment Options: You will receive free samples or products for review that you can keep. Sometimes the company will send you coupons to buy the products at a discounted process.

Website: Smiley 360

#7) Vocal Point

Type of Products: Personal care, beauty products, health food items, etc.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 7

Women from all over the world can use Voice Point to evaluate various items. But, only US residents can order the products. You will have the opportunity to try out various goods, respond to questionnaires, and share your impressions with your friends.

How does it work?

To join the group of product testers, sign up as a member. To see if you are eligible for free samples, the business will email you a survey. The samples will be mailed to you.

Example of Testing items: L’Oreal beauty products, skincare lotion, shampoos, lipsticks, etc.

Verdict: Vocal Point is a great community for women who want to share their reviews of different products. You should sign up for an account if you reside in the US to receive free samples and products.

Payment Options: You will receive free products and samples from different brands. The products will be mailed to your address. Sometimes you will also receive gift cards and exclusive offers.

Website: Vocal Point

#8) PINCHme

Type of Products: Beauty products, pet food, natural food, baking products, etc.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 8

PINCHme is available to US citizens who want to test and evaluate various consumer goods. Leading brands’ items will be available for free trial. Upon your registration as a PINCHer, you will get free samples to test out.

How does it work?

Enter your name, email, password, birthdate, gender, and zip code to sign up using an existing Facebook account or to establish a new one. You can pick which samples to include in the PINCHme box. Samples will be delivered free of charge to your area. In return, you will need to provide thorough product reviews.

Example of Testing items: Mars chocolate, L’Oreal beauty products, Ricola Herbal Immunity, Purina ONE, Zuke Fillets for dogs, Biore baking soda.

Verdict: PINCHme is a simple program that lets US residents review different products of popular brands.

Payment Options: You will receive free samples of popular brands instead of cash for submitting your reviews about products.

Website: PINCHme

#9) JJ Friends & Neighbors

Type of Products: Personal care, baby products, and other Johnson & Johnson products.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 9

A consumer opinion service called JJ Friends & Neighbors allows you to rate various Johnson & Johnson items. The program’s ability to accept children under the age of 18 as participants is one of its distinctive features.

How does it work?

They will ask you to complete a membership survey when you sign up. You will be invited to participate in product reviews if you are deemed qualified. Also, you can participate in online polls and surveys. You might also be asked to participate in a focus group interview with 6–8 people that lasts for about two hours.

You can also sign up for the sensory panel, which permits you to meet once a week at the business’s Skillman, New Jersey, headquarters.

Example of Testing items: Neutrogena skincare, Clean & Clear facial wash, J&J baby lotion, etc.

Verdict: JJ Friends and Neighbors is a great program for people who are interested in testing J&J baby care, oral care, baby, and other types of consumer products.

Payment Options: You will receive an honorarium in the form of JP Morgan Chase Payment as a token of appreciation from the company.

Website: JJ Friends and Neighbors

#10) Toluna Influencers

Type of Products: All types of products including beauty care, food, fitness products, etc.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 10

A market research website called Toluna pays users for providing open comments. Fill questionnaires about various products. By participating in surveys and inviting others to join Toluna, you can also accrue points.

How does it work?

Enter your email to join. You can take part in polls, surveys, content ratings, and online discussion forums once you sign up as a member. Each survey you complete will give you points. By completing a survey, you can gain between 1000 and 6000 points.

Example of Testing items: Kellogg’s cornflakes, L’Oreal beauty products, CBS website, Expedia website, Sony Music, etc.

Verdict: Toluna is a great market review site for people who want to earn cash by taking part in product review surveys, polls, and other activities.

Payment Options: Product reviewers get paid through PayPal. Every 60,000 points get converted into $20. You can also exchange points to receive Amazon gift cards.

Website: Toluna Influencers

#11) Pinecone Research

Type of Products: Homecare, music, sports & recreation, movies & TV shows, health & beauty products.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 11

The US-based market research firm Nielsen owns Pinecone, a reputable product testing facility. You will receive compensation for finishing online surveys. Also, the business holds lucky draws twice a week for $500 and once every three months for $4,500. Residents of the US, Canada, France, and Germany are eligible for the programme.

How does it work?

After signing up, a brief questionnaire will be sent to you so that the business may learn more about your preferences. Any survey that takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete will earn you points. With each survey you complete, you will receive 300 points, each worth $3. When they expire, the points will still be valid for a year.

Example of Testing items: Amazon prime, TV shows, Mars chocolate, New York Magazine, etc.

Verdict: Registering for the program is not as easy as it’s invite-only. You will receive the invitation form only if you meet the company’s profile requirements that are not disclosed.

Payment Options: You can redeem points earned through completing surveys to earn cash and prizes. The rewards prize can be Starbucks or Amazon gift cards, movie vouchers, and iTunes. You can receive cash through check or PayPal.

Website: Pinecone Research

#12) i-say

Type of Products: Food product, cleaning products, beauty & care products, etc.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 12

Ipsos, a French-based market research firm, owns the reputable product survey website i-Say. For providing iSay with your opinions, you will receive prizes. You can express your thoughts on a variety of products, entertainment options, advertisements, and more. Interact with other i-Say users and respond to polls about hot subjects. You can design your poll as well.

How does it work?

You can start doing online surveys as soon as you join up. On the website, each point is equal to around $0.01. You can enter online sweepstakes and exchange the points you earn by completing surveys for incentives.

Example of Testing items: Nestle KitKat, Sneakers, Nike shoes, J&J baby lotion, etc.

Verdict: i-Say is a good product review site that pays you in cash and gift cards. But some people have said that earning points is difficult.

Payment Options: You can earn rewards in the form of PayPal cash, gift cards, vouchers, virtual visa prepaid card, and Google Play apps.

Website: i-Say

#13) Vindale Research

Type of Products: Cars & trucks, home improvement, restaurants, electronics, health & beauty, shopping & fashion, etc.

13 BEST Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products [UPDATED] 13

For anyone looking to take paid surveys online, Vindale Research is a reliable resource. Every day, the website adds hundreds of new online questionnaires. Any internet-connected device can be used to complete the survey. Instead of being worth points, each survey is worth money.

How does it work?

Based on your demographic data, Vidale Research will match surveys to you. You can browse surveys or subscribe to email updates for new surveys.

Example of Testing items: Ford cars, Starbucks, baby food, pet food, fast food, etc.

Verdict: A significant thing about this site is that you earn cash instead of points for taking the survey.

Payment Options: Users are paid cash through PayPal for every survey completed.


By completing surveys and writing product reviews, the product review websites we have examined in this article provide considerable rewards. To enhance your chances of earning a lot of money and reward points, you should think about signing up for all the websites.

Vindale Research, i-Say, and User Testing are among the websites that are recommended if you wish to earn cash rewards. Try Social Research if you wish to explore new products of emerging brands. Try out the Brooks product testing site, sports fans. Consider Vocal Point if you want free baby supplies and cosmetics.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research this article: We spent almost 3 hours conducting research for the review, and 6 hours writing it.
  • Total tools researched: 25
  • Top tools shortlisted: 13

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