How an IT expert left Infosys to start a burger chain worth Rs 100 crore with just Rs 20,000 in savings; his story of success.

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Bengaluru is where startups and entrepreneurs dream of living, and this IT professional did not let a lack of money stop him from moving there. Biraja Rout went from working in IT to running a food business.

He opened Biggies Burger, a chain of restaurants that is now worth Rs 100 crore.

Biraja Rout had his first burger when he moved to Bengaluru, which is known as the Silicon Valley of India, at age 21.

Rout moved to Karnataka to work for Infosys, but the first bite of a delicious burger changed his life.

For the IT professional, a burger was more than just a snack; it was a whole meal that could provide all the nutrients the body needs during a meal.

At this time, he thought about opening his own chain of restaurants called Biggies Burger.

Rout had only Rs 20,000 to put into his new business, so he quit his job at Infosys and started Biggies Burger. His goal was to get fresh, grilled burgers to Indian customers as soon as possible.

Biraja Rout realised that there was no well-known Indian brand for burgers, and that people often went to McDonald’s and KFC to get a juicy burger. This slowly started to change as his new business, Biggies Burger, grew.

Rout started to learn how to make burgers by watching videos on YouTube. He then opened a small stand in Bengaluru where he sold burgers on the weekends, after working his regular 9-to-5 job during the week.

He set up a stand near the Infosys office, and it quickly turned into a store.

Biggies Burger is now a huge company with sales of Rs 100 crore. It all started with an investment of Rs 20,000.

Biraja’s next goal is to take Biggies Burger to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where his business can grow and hopefully reach Rs 200 crore in sales.


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