After firing 600 freshers, Infosys launches Topaz, a ChatGPT

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Infosys stated that ChatGPT cannot replace humans, but after firing 600 freshers, Infosys has launched its own ChatGPT named Topaz.

According to Infosys founder NR Narayan Murthy, humans will not allow AI to replace them.

NR At the All India Management Association’s 67th Foundation Day on Tuesday, Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys and current Chairman of Catamaran Ventures, spoke about the popular chatbot ChatGPT and the growing insecurity caused by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Murthy emphasised that AI will not replace humans, but rather make everyone’s lives easier.

ChatGPT’s popularity has sparked numerous debates and prompted many people to consider the future of artificial intelligence.

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While some argue that AI is a threat to the working population and may eventually replace some human jobs, others argue that AI will help humans do their jobs more efficiently.

Founder of Infosys Murthy believes that there is a mistaken belief that artificial intelligence will replace humans, but that humans will not allow AI to replace them.

He also stated that each of these technologies has improved human life. Murthy stated that computers had also made our lives easier in some ways.

“Artificial intelligence has improved our lives by becoming more helpful,” he added. Humans have “the power of the mind,” according to Murthy, and “no computer can compete with that.”

He also mentioned N Chandrasekaran, the Tata group’s Chairman, and his book “Bridgital Nation: Solving Technology’s People Problem.” Chandra’s book, Bridgital Nation, is about using artificial intelligence to help humans.

As a result, Narayana Murthy thinks that countries like India should use artificial intelligence.

He also stated that the introduction of AI would increase people’s “free time,” but he believes that this time would be spent productively.

According to Narayana Murthy, AI would result in more and more free time for humans, but no human would be satisfied with free time.

This is because humans will start to think of new ideas and become increasingly busy.



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