Top 13 Interview Questions about Smoke Testing and How to Answer them in 2024

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Q: What is smoke testing?
A: Smoke testing is an initial level of testing performed on a software build to ensure its stability before further testing. It involves executing basic tests to verify critical functionalities and identify major issues.

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Q: What is the purpose of smoke testing?
A: The purpose of smoke testing is to determine whether a software build is stable enough for additional testing. It helps identify major issues early, saving time and effort spent on further testing of a flawed build.

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Q: What are the key components of a smoke test suite?
A: A smoke test suite typically includes critical functionalities of the software. It covers the main paths and ensures essential functions are working as expected. The selection of test cases depends on project requirements and priorities.

Smoke Testing

Q: How is smoke testing different from regression testing?
A: Smoke testing is a subset of regression testing. It focuses on quickly verifying stability by testing critical functionalities. Regression testing, on the other hand, ensures that recent changes or bug fixes haven’t introduced new issues or broken existing functionalities.

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Q: What are the advantages of smoke testing?
A: Smoke testing provides several advantages, including early detection of critical issues, quick feedback on software stability, prevention of wasteful testing on flawed builds, and improved overall software quality.

Q: What are the limitations of smoke testing?
A: Smoke testing has limitations as it only covers basic functionalities, leaving room for undiscovered issues. It may not uncover intricate bugs, and false positives or false negatives are possible if the test cases are not carefully designed.

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Q: How would you design a smoke test suite for a complex software application?
A: To design a smoke test suite for a complex application, start by identifying critical functionalities and high-risk areas. Select test cases that cover the primary paths and verify if these critical functions work as intended.

Q: Can smoke testing be automated? If yes, how?
A: Yes, smoke testing can be automated. By using test automation frameworks and tools, testers can develop scripts to execute smoke tests automatically. These scripts can be run on each build to quickly determine stability.

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Q: What is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?
A: Smoke testing is performed on a software build to check for stability and identify major issues, while sanity testing is conducted to ensure that specific functionalities or changes are working as expected after modifications or bug fixes.

Q: How would you handle a failed smoke test?
A: If a smoke test fails, it indicates a critical issue. The build should not proceed to further testing, and the development team should investigate and fix the problem before retesting.

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Q: Can smoke testing be performed on every build?
A: Ideally, smoke testing should be performed on every build. However, in cases of frequent builds or limited testing resources, smoke testing may be prioritized for major milestones or critical releases.

Q: What documentation is required for smoke testing?
A: Smoke testing does not typically require extensive documentation. However, having a test plan outlining the critical functionalities to be tested and any specific test cases can help ensure consistency.

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Q: How does smoke testing contribute to the overall software development process?
A: Smoke testing plays a crucial role in the software development process. It provides a quick assessment of stability, identifies major issues early, and helps maintain software quality by preventing flawed builds from progressing to further testing stages.

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