Locust vs Jmeter vs Gatling

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In this article we will see difference between Locust vs Jmeter vs Gatling. Comparing Locust, JMeter, and Gatling: Choosing the Right Load Testing Tool for Your Needs.

  • Locust: “Locust is a Python-based, highly scalable, and event-driven load testing tool known for its simplicity and ability to simulate large numbers of concurrent users.”
  • JMeter: “JMeter is a widely-used Java-based performance testing tool that offers a versatile and extensible platform for load testing web applications, databases, and more.”
  • Gatling: “Gatling is a powerful, Scala-based load testing tool with a focus on asynchronous, event-driven architecture, providing high performance and real-time metrics for modern applications.”
Concurrency ModelAsynchronous (event-driven)Thread-based (synchronous)Asynchronous (event-driven)
Ease of UseEasy to learn and write due to Python syntaxGUI-driven, may require scripting for complex scenariosCode-driven, requires Scala familiarity
Protocol SupportHTTP, WebSocketHTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, REST, FTP, JDBC, JMS, LDAP, SMTP, etc.HTTP, WebSocket, Server-sent events (SSE), JMS
ScalabilityHighly scalable due to asynchronous natureMay have limitations with high user loadsScalable with good support for high loads
Community & SupportGrowing community, active developmentLarge and established community, extensive documentationActive community, continuous development
Reporting & AnalysisBasic HTML and CSV reportsRich reporting with graphs and dashboardsReal-time metrics with built-in reports
Extensibility & PluginsSupports Python librariesExtensive library of plugins and extensionsLimited plugin support, but extensible with Scala
CustomizationHighly customizable with PythonCustomizable with Java and BeanShell scriptingExtensible with Scala, can create custom modules
Scripting & RecordingCode-based scriptingGUI-based recording and scripting capabilitiesCode-based scripting with DSL (Domain-Specific Language)
Load DistributionSupports distributed testingSupports distributed testingSupports distributed testing
Operating SystemCross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux)Cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux)Cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux)
LicenseOpen Source (MIT License)Open Source (Apache 2.0 License)Open Source (Apache 2.0 License)

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