LTImindtree Cheats By Firing Young Female Engineer | Linkedin Post Goes Viral

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This is about Mindtree’s treatment of my niece, Vemula Lakshmiprathyusha, regarding her job offer.

Prathyusha, a 2022 Chadalavada Engineering College computer science graduate from Tirupati, faced a unique situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was thrilled to receive three job offers as a third-year student.

Prathyusha preferred MindTree and hoped for a prompt joining letter. She waited nearly a year for the letter, like many eager freshmen eager to prove themselves.

After a long wait, the joining letter arrived a month ago with a twist. Instead of a job, it was free training. Participants must complete the training and pass an end-of-course test.

For Prathyusha, whose family was struggling financially, this opportunity was significant. She wanted to do well because failing the tests would cost her the job.

Prathyusha, the only daughter, wanted to pay off their debts. She never took a break from her laptop during the training. She meticulously absorbed every detail to avoid missing anything that could hurt her job prospects.

The test revealed the real challenge. A 92 out of 100 score indicated success after the exam. However, her joy was brief. The next day, a shocking turnabout occurred.

MindTree informed her of a test scoring discrepancy and reduced her score to 13. Prathyusha strongly disagreed and thought this assessment was wrong. Unsettling events led to the job offer revocation, leaving her emotionally devastated by the rejection email.

From my 15 years in the industry, I know the harsh realities candidates face during interviews. I encouraged Prathyusha to try other things, but I felt the situation was unfair.

The company could have told her there were no openings and advised her to look elsewhere, but they made an unprofessional move. They mishandled and degraded her by misdisplaying her scores.

This is not another job seeker’s hardship story. Please help Prathyusha find work if you can. Her journey can benefit greatly from your support.



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