No boss no boundaries: Prachi Gautam’s Journey From Engineer To Digital Marketer

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“I feel like I’m responsible for those people lacking career guidance and confidence,” says Prachi Gautam, Digital Coach and founder of ‘U Savvy Academy’.

Coming from a village, Prachi broke all the myths related to Digital Marketing and how it can help other people as well as those who want more from life rather than just being a corporate slave, being a mother, and students who wish to earn and support their parents.

Well, just like any other grad student, Prachi worked for different MNCs for almost 3 years and ‘not willing to report anyone’ sparked the birth of an online U Savvy Academy.

Started with Engineering to being a successful digital marketer, her journey is literally inspiring in every way. Seriously, not bragging!

Being an outsider trying to make it in Digital Marketing, Prachi has her own setbacks.

It wasn’t an easy journey and is nothing but a rollercoaster ride.

But what she did is maintained her lows & highs and never stopped working even if it was for learning.

Till now, Prachi has gathered a community of 3000+ students and without a doubt watching her social engagement they all love her.

Through U Savvy Academy, Prachi has given lifetime access to her students for the updated modules of different digital marketing courses and provides personal guidance to her students.

She teaches Content Writing, SEO, and Digital Marketing and has built herself a 7-figure freelancing and coaching business.

You can check out her website to know more!

The coach envisions helping people who are in need and couldn’t afford the course for any reason. Staying true to her responsibility, she has recently launched her YouTube channel where she provides a number of masterclasses where students or anyone who wants to learn the tried & tested tips to grow online and leverage various aspects of digital marketing.


Let’s hear from the mentor herself:

When we asked Prachi about what motivates her to create constantly and educate people on different social media platforms.

Being a Digital Marketer herself, she feels, it’s her responsibility to spread awareness related to Digital Marketing and to quote her exactly, “I want to help people especially students, stay-at-home moms, anyone aspiring to pre-launch, relaunch their career without any experience; and want to become financially independent while managing their studies, kids or 9-5 job”.

Prachi Gautam enjoys a huge following of 122K on her Instagram handle.

Talking about how she handles trolls and online criticism, Prachi zeroed down on her mantra for dealing with them while saying, “Honestly, going through a bad comment or message really hurts, as even after devoting years to this industry, people abuse with bad thoughts & judgments (related to women’s body parts, nudity, and sexism).

And especially trollers don’t even have the courage to put a profile picture or reveal their name.

It means if a person can’t even stand with their identity, may not have the courage to do all things I’m doing or even support others during their journey”.

She revealed that she even cried in the initial stage but with time she understood one fact and that is you can’t make everyone happy in life!

Signing out she said, “It’s just—Kuch to log kahege, logon ka kaam hai kehna”.

I’m leaving her details below where you can even contact her for any related queries.

YouTube Channel





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