Teenage girl suspected in mass shooting in Denver arrested in San Bernardino County

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Authorities say a young girl was arrested this week in San Bernardino County for shooting five people outside of a club in Denver last month.

A news statement from the Denver Police Department said the girl was arrested Thursday in Barstow, which is about 115 miles from Los Angeles. The age of the girl was not given by police. She was charged with eight counts of first-degree attempted murder.

Five people were shot on September 16 in the 1900 block of Market Street, according to the police. All five people who were hurt lived.

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Police said the girl tried to get into a bar but was turned away by security because they didn’t believe she was using her real ID. Police say she crossed the line and then shot at the club as she was leaving.

Police think she was trying to shoot at security guards, and the people who were hurt were not the ones she meant to hit.

The Phoenix Police Department, the Barstow Police Department, and the FBI’s L.A. Desert Cities Safe Streets Task Force all worked together to catch her. Her booking picture and arrest document were not made public because she is a minor.


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