These Companies Giving Casual Leaves and Work From Home to 8 Lakh Employees

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Accenture, a company that works in technology, has changed its leave policy for its employees in the Indian market. This change will take effect on September 1, 2023.

Under the new policy, employees will be able to take three types of time off: earned time off, time off for illness or wellness, and time off for other reasons.

In the old leave policy, there were earned leaves and sick leaves, but now there are also casual leaves.

The number of earned leaves has been cut from 24 to 18 under the new policy. Before, earned time off was called “vacation hours.” But the number of vacation days and sick days has gone up from 7 to 12.

Also, workers will now be able to carry over up to 45 days of earned time off. Before, an employee could only carry forward a maximum of 30 days of earned leave.

The leave year will begin on September 1 and end on August 31 of the following year.

Employees must send an email or use another form of communication to get approval before taking earned time off. Every two weeks, equal amounts of earned time off will be added up. This means that an employee will get 0.75 days of leave every two weeks for every 18 earned days of leave in a given year.

Employees are required to let their manager know about sick and casual leaves by email or any other way that is reasonably possible.

Also, employees will be able to take a maximum of two days of casual leave in a row once every two weeks. Those who want to take more than two days of unplanned leave will need to let their manager know and get permission first.

The new leave policy also says that unapproved or unannounced time off will be seen as bad behaviour and could lead to disciplinary action.

The company has also said that sick days and other types of time off can be taken in hours instead of full days.


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