What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023?

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What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023? Onam is Kerala’s big harvest festival, and it lasts for 10 days. The whole state is filled with colours, traditions, and celebrations during this time.

Onam isn’t just a party that lasts for one day. During these ten days of Onam in 2023, there will be many different events and rituals, each of which will be important in its own way.

What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023?

So, What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023?

So as per this What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023? aricle, we will see 10 days of Onam one by one.

NameDay & Date
AthamSunday, 20 August 2023
ChithiraMonday, 21 August 2023
ChodhiTuesday, 22 August 2023
VishakamWednesday, 23 August 2023
AnizhamThursday, 24 August 2023
ThriketaFriday, 25 August 2023
MoolamSaturday, 26 August 2023
PooradamSunday, 27 August 2023
UthradamMonday, 28 August 2023
Uthradam/First OnamMonday, 28 August 2023
Thiruvonam OnamTuesday, 29 August 2023

1. Atham – Attempting to take in the Spirit

so based on this What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023? article, On Sunday, August 20, 2023, Atham, the first day of Onam, will happen. This event marks the start of getting ready for King Mahabali’s visit.

During the day, there is a big parade called Athachamayam. The first layer of the beautiful Pookalam, called Athapoo, is decorated with yellow petals.

2. Chithira – Adding Layers of Color

The next part of the party will be on Monday, August 21. Chithira will be performing. This day, two more layers of orange and creamy yellow flowers are added to the Pookalam, making a total of four layers. This day is also a good time to go to temples and clean your home.

3. Chodhi – Shopping and Gifting

So as guided on this What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023? article, Onakkodi, which is also known as shopping for new clothes, is an important part of the Chodhi holiday, which is on Tuesday, August 22. Families give each other gifts and add a third layer of flowers to the Pookalam.

4. Vishakam – Onasadya Preparations

Vishakam, which is today, August 23, is often thought to be the luckiest day of the year. The hard work of getting ready for Onasadya starts at the same time that the harvest is making the markets busy. Families get ready for the big party by gathering supplies.

5. Anizham – Vallamkali Begins

So according to this What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023? article, On Thursday, August 24, the Pamba River will be the place to be for the Vallamkali, also called Snake Boat races. As time goes on, the Pookalam keeps getting more and more complicated.

6. Thriketa – Family Reunions

This year, on Friday, August 25, fresh flowers will be put on the Pookalam. The families get back together, visit their ancestors’ homes, and give each other gifts. It’s a day full of warmth and being together the whole time.

7. Moolam – The State Gets Colorful

On August 26, temples all over the state start to offer Onasadya, and the whole state comes to life with lively celebrations. Folk art performances like Pulikali and Kaikottukali make the celebrations more fun.

8. Pooradam – Inviting Mahabali

So considering this What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023? article, On the Sunday after the full moon on August 27, clay statues of Mahabali and Vamana, called “Onathappam,” are put in the centre of the Pookalam. This means Mahabali is invited to each home, which makes the Pookalam even more complicated.

9. Uthradam – Preparing for the Grand Day

On Uthradam, which is celebrated on Monday, August 28, all of the preparations come together. The last preparations are being made to welcome King Mahabali the next day, and people have finished shopping for Onam.

10. Thiruvonam Onam – The Grand Culmination

The next day, on Tuesday, August 29, the most important day of Thiruvonam finally comes. People buy new clothes, decorate their homes with designs made from rice flour batter, and give money to those who are less fortunate.

People in Kerala think that King Mahabali goes from house to house and blesses everyone who lives there. When the Pookalam is done to perfection, families get together to eat the delicious Onasadya that has been made.

The Legends Behind Onam 2023 Mythical Stories that Shape the Festival

So, according to this What is the legend behind Onam celebration? article Mythical tales that have shaped the Onam 2023 festival and the legends that lie behind them Onam, the vibrant and joyous harvest festival of Kerala, is more than just a celebration of the state’s cultural traditions.

This celebration can be traced back to ancient myths and legends.

It is a celebration of the compassionate leadership of Lord Vamana and the astute governance of the mythical demon king Mahabali. Let’s take a look at the myths and stories behind this colorful holiday as we begin the celebrations of Onam in the year 2023.

Onam is known for being a harvest festival.

What is the legend behind Onam celebration?

What is the story that goes along with the Onam celebration? The Onam Festival is an annual event that takes place in Kerala, India, and is known for being a spectacular celebration that lasts for ten days.

This festival, which celebrates the harvest season and is frequently referred to as the “festival of rain flowers,” is a vibrant tapestry of traditions, cultural practises, and legendary tales.

Taking place during the first month of the Malayalam calendar, Chingam, which typically runs from the middle of August to the middle of September, Onam is a time when the state of Kerala comes to life with vibrant colours, fragrant aromas, and jubilant celebrations.

Post-Onam Celebrations

We have seen 10 days of onam now lets see Celebrations after Onam

Even though Thiruvonam is the most important day, the celebrations continue through Avittom (the third Onam) and Chathayam as well (fourth Onam).

 During these days, things are set up for Mahabali to leave. For example, the Pookalam is cleaned and the clay statues of Onathappan are put in rivers or the ocean. In some places, the celebrations for Vallamkali and Pulikali are still going on.

Final Words – What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023?

Here we concluded that Onam is more than just a festival; it shows how rich Kerala’s culture and history are. In 2023, these 10 days of Onam will be a deep dive into the traditions, warmth, and sense of community of the state. 

As the Pookalam gets bigger each day, so does the spirit of Onam. What Are The 10 Days Of Onam In 2023? The holiday ends with a big feast and memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s a time to celebrate the harvest, good fortune, and the story of King Mahabali, which has been told for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of Atham in Onam?

Atham marks the beginning of Onam festivities, symbolizing the preparations for King Mahabali’s grand visit.

2. What happens on Chithira during Onam?

Chithira sees the addition of orange and creamy yellow flowers to the Pookalam, along with cleaning of homes and temple visits.

3. How is Onakkodi associated with Chodhi in Onam?

Chodhi is when new clothes, known as Onakkodi, are purchased and gifted among family members.

4. What is the importance of Vishakam in Onam?

Vishakam is the most auspicious day for Onasadya preparations, with markets bustling with harvest sales.

5. What is Vallamkali, and when does it begin during Onam?

Vallamkali is the Snake Boat Race, commencing on Anizham during Onam.

6. How is Moolam celebrated during Onam?

Moolam witnesses temple offerings of Onasadya and vibrant folk art performances like Pulikali and Kaikottukali.

7. What is the significance of Pooradam in Onam?

On Pooradam, clay statues of Mahabali and Vamana, known as Onathappam, are placed in the Pookalam to invite Mahabali to visit each home.

8. What is Uthradam in Onam, and why is it significant?

Uthradam is the day before Thiruvonam, marked by final Onam preparations, and it’s considered the most auspicious day for shopping.

9. What happens on Thiruvonam Onam?

Thiruvonam is the main day of Onam when King Mahabali is believed to visit each home. It’s a day of feasting, joy, and cultural celebrations.

10. Are there celebrations after Thiruvonam in Onam?

Yes, post-Onam celebrations include Avittom and Chathayam, marked by clearing the Pookalam and immersing clay statues of Onathappan. Some regions continue boat races and folk performances.


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