Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023?

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Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023? In a surprising move that sent shockwaves through the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals traded Isaiah Simmons to the New York Giants. The announcement of this trade came on August 25, 2023, leaving fans and analysts with numerous questions.

To understand the intricate reasons behind this significant trade, we must delve into the background of Isaiah Simmons and the circumstances that led to this decision.

Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023?

So, Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023?

So, as per this Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023? article, Isaiah Simmons was drafted as the eighth overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2020 NFL draft, carrying immense expectations as a versatile defensive player.

Over three seasons with the Cardinals, he showcased his adaptability by playing various roles, from linebacker and safety to slot corner. However, his impact remained inconsistent, irrespective of his position on the field.

The decision to trade Simmons was not a sudden one but rather surfaced following his lackluster performance in a preseason game. During this game, he seemed to be a preferred target for the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense, allowing several significant plays.

The Cardinals’ Decision

So based on this Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023? article, why did the Cardinals decide to trade Isaiah Simmons? The primary motive appears to be performance-driven. Simmons’ inconsistency and his substantial cap space could be probable factors.

Additionally, the Cardinals might be strategizing to obtain something valuable in return for Simmons, who, given his recent form, might not align with their long-term plans.

Dissecting the Lackluster Performance

Simmons’ preseason performance against the Chiefs was far from his best. The Chiefs’ offense exposed his weaknesses, resulting in several significant plays. A glaring issue was Simmons’ speed, or the lack thereof.

He was often outpaced by Chiefs’ receivers and missed crucial tackle opportunities.

Position Change and Its Impact

So, as guided in this Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023? aIn 2022, Simmons underwent a positional change, shifting from his original role as an inside linebacker to safety. This transition could have contributed to his recent struggles.

Adapting to a new position requires time, and Simmons might have needed more of it to become a reliable starter.

Cardinals’ Perspective on the Trade

So Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023? article, While the Cardinals have not issued extensive public statements about the trade, it’s evident they were dissatisfied with Simmons’ contributions. The Cardinals’ general manager, Steve Keim, did suggest that the trade was in the best interest of both Isaiah Simmons and the Cardinals, implying a need for change.

Trade Details and Compensation

In exchange for Isaiah Simmons, the Cardinals will receive a seventh-round draft pick in 2024 from the New York Giants. The completion of this trade is contingent on a successful physical assessment.

Reaction and Speculation

The NFL community’s reactions to this trade have been mixed. Some fans are disheartened to see a potential star traded, while others believe it’s a necessary step for the Cardinals.

Speculations about the future trajectories of both Isaiah Simmons and the Cardinals post this trade are rampant.

Conclusion – Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023?

The trade involving Isaiah Simmons serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of the NFL. As the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants move forward, the long-term consequences of this trade will unfold.

For now, the NFL world watches with bated breath, awaiting the next steps of both Simmons and the Cardinals. so this concludes the topi Why Did Cardinals Trade Isaiah Simmons in 2023?


Q1: When was the trade announced?

A1: The trade was announced on August 25, 2023.

Q2: What did the Cardinals get in return for Simmons?

A2: The Cardinals received a seventh-round draft pick for 2024.

Q3: Why was Simmons’ performance against the Chiefs highlighted?

A3: His performance in that match was notably subpar, leading to further scrutiny.

Q4: Has Simmons had any position changes in his career?

A4: Yes, in 2022, he was moved from inside linebacker to safety.

Q5: Where does Isaiah Simmons currently play in the NFL?

A5: Isaiah Simmons now plays for the New York Giants in the NFL.

Q6: What was Simmons’ educational background before entering the NFL?

A6: He received his degree in sports communication before declaring for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Q7: Did Simmons win any awards during his college career?

A7: Yes, he won the Butkus Award as the top linebacker in the country during his time at Clemson.

Q8: How long did Isaiah Simmons play for the Arizona Cardinals before the trade?

A8: He played for the Arizona Cardinals for three seasons before the trade.

Q9: What was the primary reason behind the trade, as per the Cardinals’ perspective?

A9: The primary reason seems to be performance-driven dissatisfaction and strategic considerations.

Q10: Who is the general manager of the Arizona Cardinals mentioned in the article?

A10: The general manager of the Arizona Cardinals is Steve Keim, who hinted at the trade being in the best interest of both Simmons and the team.


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