Bangalore Techie Death: Cognizant Says Body Is Ready For India

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IT company Cognizant announced today in Bangalore that the U.S. funeral home has received Pawan Kumar’s body from the Medical Examiner’s office and is preparing to ship it back to India.

Kumar was a techie from Karnataka who reportedly committed suicide at a hotel in New Jersey.

The U.S. Funeral Home has received Pawan Kumar’s body from the Medical Examiner’s office and is preparing to ship his remains to India, according to a press release issued by Cognizant.

Cognizant stated that they had arranged for Pawan’s body to be transported promptly from the Bangalore International Airport to Tumkur for his funeral.

The business also revealed that funeral directors are working with multiple airlines to get the body to India as soon as possible.

“At the same time, the funeral home is cooperating closely with the India Consulate in New York to secure their assistance in returning the body to India as soon as possible,” it continued.

The company also assured worried parents that it is working with outside organisations and will keep them updated.

Pawan’s family initially baulked at completing the paperwork necessary to bring back his body, insisting instead that it be accompanied by all relevant reports, such as those from an autopsy and an inquest.

When US officials said it would take at least four months to get all reports, including the autopsy and inquest, the family finally gave in and filled out the forms.

The 26-year-old software engineer was working in New Jersey at the time of the incident for the IT company Cognizant.

On June 19, Pawan, who was on trial for murder in connection with the death of Danielle Mehlman, a Pennsylvania woman, at a motel in Dewey Beach, Delaware, allegedly killed himself at a hotel in New Jersey.


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