Difference Between Exploratory Testing Vs Adhoc Testing

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Exploratory Testing: Exploratory testing is a structured yet flexible approach where testers actively explore the software application without predetermined test cases. It emphasizes real-time learning, creativity, and adaptability. Testers design, execute, and adjust tests on-the-fly based on their intuition and insights, aiming to uncover defects, usability issues, and unexpected scenarios.

Adhoc Testing: Adhoc testing, on the other hand, is an informal and spontaneous testing method where testers perform unstructured tests without predefined plans or documentation. It relies heavily on testers’ experience and intuition to identify immediate issues and potential defects.

Adhoc testing is often driven by a tester’s curiosity or a desire to quickly identify problems, but it may lack the systematic and structured approach of exploratory testing.

AspectExploratory TestingAdhoc Testing
ApproachSystematic and structured exploration.Informal and spontaneous testing.
PlanningMinimal or no predefined test cases.No predefined test cases or formal plan.
StrategyTester adapts, learns, and explores in real-time.Tester relies on intuition and past experience.
DocumentationNotes taken during testing for future reference.Limited or no formal documentation.
CreativityEncourages creative and critical thinking.Rely on tester’s creativity and instincts.
FocusCan focus on specific areas or features.May focus on specific issues or scenarios.
Test CoverageComprehensive exploration of various scenarios.Coverage may vary based on tester’s judgment.
ReproducibilityResults can be reproducible with detailed notes.Reproducibility may be challenging.
CollaborationCan be easily shared with other testers.May lack consistency in a team setting.
Structured ImprovementsAllows insights for creating formal test cases.May lead to structured testing based on findings.
GoalDiscover defects, usability issues, and more.Discover immediate issues without a plan.
Iterative ProcessTester may revisit and refine areas.Testing decisions made on the spot.

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