Integration Testing Vs System Testing

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Integration Testing Vs System Testing – First up, Integration Testing! Imagine you’re building a puzzle. Integration testing is like checking if all the pieces fit together nicely. It’s all about making sure that the different components or modules of your software interact with each other seamlessly. Our expert tester, Sam, likes to say, “Integration testing is like the meet-and-greet party for your software modules!”

On the other hand, we have System Testing. Now, this is like stepping back and looking at the entire puzzle. It’s here that we test the complete system as a whole. Is the picture complete? Does it look like what it’s supposed to? That’s what we’re answering with system testing. As Sam puts it, “System testing is like the final dress rehearsal before the big show!”

Integration Testing Vs System Testing

Integration TestingSystem Testing
Integration testing focuses on the points of interaction between different modules or components of a software application. It’s like making sure all the puzzle pieces fit together nicely.System testing, on the other hand, is a type of testing where the complete system is tested as a whole. It’s like stepping back and looking at the entire puzzle to make sure it makes sense.
It’s performed after unit testing and before system testing. “It’s the middle child of the testing family,” Sam jokes.It’s usually performed after integration testing. “It’s like the final dress rehearsal before the big show,” says Sam.
The main purpose is to detect defects in the interaction between integrated components.The main purpose here is to validate the software’s compliance with specified requirements.
It can be performed in three ways: top-down, bottom-up, and sandwich (a combination of top-down and bottom-up).System testing is generally black-box testing, which means the internal structure of the product is not considered.
Test cases are based on an application’s architecture.Test cases are derived from the requirement documents, not the code.

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