Smoke Testing vs Regression Testing

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We will see Smoke Testing vs Regression Testing in that Purpose, Scope, Timing , Test depth, Test Cases, Time, Frequency, Focus, Regression and Bug Fixes,

Find out how Smoke Testing and Regression Testing differ from one another in the software testing process.

Investigate how Smoke Testing tests for basic functionality while Regression Testing looks for regressions and unintended problems to ensure overall system stability.

Learn when and how these testing techniques are used to improve the quality of software.

Smoke TestingRegression Testing
PurposeTo quickly assess the basic functionality of an applicationTo validate that existing functionalities are still functioning
ScopeCore functionality and critical featuresFull or selected portions of the application/system
TimingPerformed early in the testing cyclePerformed after making changes or updates to the application
GoalIdentify major issues or showstopper defectsCatch unexpected issues or regressions introduced by changes
Test DepthSurface-level testing of key featuresIn-depth testing, including both new and existing functionalities
Test CasesLimited number of basic scenariosExtensive test cases covering various scenarios and edge cases
TimeQuick executionTime-consuming, especially for comprehensive regression suites
FrequencyConducted on each new build or versionConducted after making significant changes or updates
FocusBasic functionality and stabilityOverall system stability and compatibility with changes
RegressionTypically not a primary focusPrimary focus is on catching regressions and unintended issues
Bug FixesCritical bugs are identified for immediate attentionExisting bugs are retested to ensure they have been resolved

The key differences between Smoke Testing vs Regression Testing are highlighted in this table.

While Smoke Testing focuses on quickly evaluating an application’s core functionality, Regression Testing is more thorough, checking the overall system stability and identifying regressions brought on by changes or updates.

The reliability and quality of software applications are significantly impacted by both types of testing.


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