Did Steve Harvey Bodyguard Play a Role in Recent Divorce Rumors? Let Unravel the Story

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steve harvey bodyguard
steve harvey bodyguard

Steve Harvey is well-known for his great work in the entertainment industry. Recently, he has been in the news not because of his great work, but because of rumors about his wife, Marjorie Harvey, and his longtime bodyguard from Texas, William “Big Boom” Freeman.

The Role of William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman

William “Big Boom” Freeman has been one of the unsung heroes behind Steve Harvey’s successful public appearances for a number of years. Freeman, who is known for his unwavering loyalty, has made sure that Steve is safe by handling any possible threats in a smooth way. Because of how hard he works, Harvey can’t get along without him.

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Summary of steve harvey bodyguard | william big boom freeman

Key PointsDetails
Bodyguard’s NameWilliam ‘Big Boom’ Freeman
Connection with SteveLong-standing bodyguard and close associate
Rumors BeganAugust 2023
Steve’s ResponseFired social media manager
Marjorie’s InvolvementAlleged affair and potential divorce filing
Public PerceptionDivided; some believe, others skeptical
Steve’s LegacySuccessful entertainer; strong bond with Freeman

Steve Harvey’s Personal Life and Marjorie Harvey

Steve has been married to Marjorie Harvey since 2007. Recently, there have been rumours that she had an affair with Freeman. Together, these rumours and the recent buzz about the couple’s divorce paint a picture of a troubled marriage.

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A Closer Look at the Allegations

In August 2023, rumours started going around that Marjorie and Freeman were cheating on each other. Even though a lot of people jump on the gossip bandwagon, it’s important to remember that a lot of celebrity stories don’t have solid proof or evidence.

Steve Harvey’s Response and Social Media Management

In order to solve the problem, Steve fired his social media manager, who was accused of spreading “negative” things about Marjorie. Even though he hasn’t said anything directly about the rumours, Steve’s actions show that he is determined to protect the reputation of his family.

Divorce Rumors and Public Perception

Because the media has so much power, these rumours have spread and caused people to have different opinions. Some people believe the rumours, while others wait for solid proof. It’s important to be careful when talking about such sensitive topics, because fake news can hurt people.

The Legacy of Steve Harvey and Big Boom

Steve Harvey’s reputation in the entertainment world hasn’t been hurt by the current controversy. Even after what happened recently, he and Freeman still have a strong bond. The fact that the two have worked through many problems together is a sign of professional trust and friendship.


Even though rumours about Steve Harvey, Marjorie, and Big Boom keep going around, it’s important for readers to wait for verified reports before coming to any conclusions. The strong bond between Steve and his trusted bodyguard “steve harvey bodyguard” William “Big Boom” Freeman shows how strong bonds can be made behind the scenes.

FAQs – william big boom freeman

Is William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman Steve Harvey’s bodyguard?
Yes, William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman has been Steve Harvey’s bodyguard for several years.

When did the rumors about Marjorie Harvey’s alleged affair begin?
The rumors began in August 2023.

What was Steve Harvey’s response to the rumors?
He fired his social media manager but has not directly addressed the speculations.

Are Steve and Marjorie Harvey getting a divorce?
There are rumors suggesting this, but no verified information confirms it as of now.


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