What is Monkey Testing in Software Testing?

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In this article we are going to see What Is Monkey Testing In Software Testing and also we are going to understand how testers do monkey testing.

Definition of Monkey Testing

Testing the Application or software randomly without looking into requirements is called as ‘Adhoc Testing‘ or ‘Monkey Testing’ or ‘Gorilla testing.’

Adhoc Testing is called as ‘Negative Testing’.

Why we should do Adhoc Testing/ Monkey Testing?

  • Chances are there customers might use application randomly and they might find defects, in order to avoid that we should do ‘Adhoc Testing’.
  • Developers will develop software according to requirement and Test Engineers will test software according to requirements. so chances of finding defects will be less so Test Engineer will comeup with creative scenarios and test the appication by doing Adhoc Testing/Monkey Testing.
  • Adhoc Testing is basically negative Testing that is the reason we should do Adhoc Testing
  • The intention of doing Adhoc Testing is to somehow break the product and find the defects.
  • While doing Adhoc Testing we will not look into requirements.

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Adhoc Testing can be done in two ways

  1. Test Engineer will come-up with creative scenarios and Test the application
  2. Test the application like monkey without applying any logic

Types of Adhoc Testing

Buddy Testing

Test Engineer will sit with developer and both of them will come-up with creative scenarios and test application is called as ‘Buddy Testing’.

Pair Testing

Two Test Engineers will sit together and come-up with creative scenarios and test the application

Monkey Testing

Testing Application like monkey without applying any logic is called as ‘Monkey Testing’.

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When we go for Adhoc Testing?

  • As soon as we get the build as a Test Engineer first we will check whether product is testable or not by doing smoke testing ie. positive testing so here we should not do negative testing (Adhoc Testing/Monkey Testing).
  • While doing functional Testing in between or at the end if you have some time you can do Adhoc testing, if you don’t have time document the adhoc scenarios and communicate to test Lead.
  • Similarly while doing integration testing and system testing we can go for adhoc testing.
  • Once after product is tested for 10-15 cycles and product is stable then we can go for adhoc testing.
  • While doing Functional Testing, Integration Testing and System Testing if you come-up with any good creative adhoc scenario then we can stop our testing and test adhoc scenarios but don’ spend too much time on adhoc testing, immidiately switch back to Functional Testing, Integration Testing and System Testing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Monkey Testing

Q. What is meant by monkey testing?

Ans. Monkey testing is a type of software testing in which a software or application is tested using random inputs with the sole purpose of trying and breaking the system. There are no rules in this type of testing. It completely works on the tester’s mood or gut feeling and experience.

Q. Why do we use monkey testing?

Ans. Monkey testing is an effective way to identify some out-of-the-box errors. Since the scenarios tested are usually ad-hoc, monkey testing can also be a good way to perform load and stress testing. The intrinsic randomness of monkey testing also makes it a good way to find major bugs that can break the entire system.

Q. Is monkey testing functional testing?

Ans. Monkey testing is a crucial testing method that is done to authenticate the functionality of the product application. Monkey testing is done to ensure that the specifications given by the client are properly addressed in the software. Monkey testing is a kind of black box testing

Q. What is difference between monkey testing and exploratory testing?

Ans. Monkey testing is a software testing technique in which the testing is performed on the system under test randomly. Exploratory testing is simultaneous learning, test designing and execution. Tester does not follow a strictly defined process.

Q. What is monkey testing Devops?

Ans. Monkey testing is a technique in software testing where the user tests the application by providing random inputs and checking the behavior (or trying to crash the application). Mostly this technique is done automatically where the user enters any random invalid inputs and checks the behavior.

Final Words:

In order to test the application we go for Monkey Testing, by doing this testing chances of finding defect in application is more.

what is monkey testing in software testing
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Monkey Testing

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