Difference Between Smoke Testing & Sanity Testing

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Software testing is the most important part of the software development life cycle. It ensures that the product is good and that customers are happy with it.

Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing are two of the most important testing methods because they are used at the beginning of the testing process. People often get these two testing methods mixed up because their names sound alike, but they do different things to make sure that software applications are reliable and stable.

The primary goal of smoke testing is to quickly determine if the most critical functions of the software or system are working correctly after a new build or release.The primary goal of sanity testing is to conduct a cursory check of the application or system to ensure that the recent changes or fixes have not introduced any major issues.
Smoke testing covers broad areas of the software or system, focusing on the major features or functionalities.Sanity testing focuses on specific areas or functionalities of the software that have undergone changes, rather than covering the entire system.
It involves shallow and basic testing, verifying that the major functionalities are operational and there are no critical issues or showstoppers.It involves more comprehensive testing than smoke testing, including a deeper examination of the modified or added functionalities
Smoke testing is performed to identify major problems early in the testing process, allowing the team to decide whether to proceed with further testing or reject the build.Sanity testing helps verify that the critical bugs have been fixed, and the software is now stable enough for further testing or deployment.
Smoke testing is typically conducted manually or through automated scripts that cover the critical functionalities.Sanity testing can be performed manually or through automated scripts, depending on the complexity of the changes made.
It is a quick test that can be executed in a relatively short time frame, providing immediate feedback on the stability of the buildIt usually takes more time than smoke testing, as it involves a more thorough evaluation of the specific areas affected by the recent changes.
In summary, smoke testing is a quick check to ensure the major functionalities of the software are working, while sanity testing is a more in-depth examination of specific areas affected by recent changes to verify their stability.
Both techniques serve different purposes in the software testing process and are applied at different stages.

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