Difference Between SDET and Quality Assurance

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SDETQuality Assurance
SDETs are primarily software developers with a strong emphasis on test automation. They write code and develop frameworks and tools to automate the testing process. SDETs typically have a deep understanding of programming languages and software development practices.QA professionals focus on ensuring the quality of the software through manual testing, creating test cases, and executing them to identify defects and ensure adherence to requirements. They work closely with development teams and may also be involved in test planning and documentation.
SDETs possess strong programming skills and are proficient in languages like Java, Python, C#, or JavaScript. They have expertise in test automation frameworks, tools, and techniques. SDETs also have knowledge of software development practices and can contribute to the development process.While QA professionals may have some programming skills, their focus is primarily on manual testing. They are skilled in understanding software requirements, creating test cases, executing tests, and reporting issues. They may use test management tools to organize and track testing efforts.
SDETs play a significant role in developing and maintaining test automation frameworks, tools, and scripts. They write code to automate test scenarios and integrate them into continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Test automation is a core responsibility for SDETs.QA professionals typically focus more on manual testing activities. While they may use some test automation tools, their main responsibilities lie in executing manual tests, ensuring test coverage, and identifying defects.
SDETs are part of the development team and work closely with software engineers. They actively participate in the development process and contribute to code reviews, design discussions, and debugging efforts. SDETs often have a solid understanding of the underlying software architecture.QA professionals collaborate with the development team but are usually not directly involved in the development process. Their primary role is to ensure that the developed software meets quality standards through rigorous testing.

It’s worth noting that these roles can vary across organizations, and the responsibilities may overlap. Some companies may use the terms interchangeably or have hybrid roles that combine aspects of SDET and QA responsibilities. The specific requirements and expectations of these roles depend on the organization’s needs and the nature of the software being developed.

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