Software Testing Career FAQs in 2024

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Q1. Is software testing a good career?

Ans. Yes, software testing is one of the most sought-after careers. Software testing professionals are high in demand in software development companies. The scope of software testing is consistently increasing in the IT industry. Software testing is a promising career with good pay.

Q2. Can I learn software testing without IT experience?

Ans. If you have no IT experience, you can learn software testing through various online courses. Software testing tools are relatively easy to learn and once you get hands-on, you are ready to use them for any application

Q3. What are the skills required for a software testing job?

Ans. The software testing jobs require various skills like good testers are Knowledge and hands-on experience of Automation tools and a Test Management Tool; basic programming languages knowledge; basic knowledge of Database/SQL; and good logical thinking.

Q4. Which type of software testing is in demand?

Ans. The top software testing trends in 2021 are Agile and DevOps, Automation Testing, API and Services Test Automation, Cloud Migration Testing, Blockchain Testing, and Mobile Test Automation.

Q5. How long does it take to learn software testing?

Ans. If you are a beginner, it would take around 2 to 3 months to learn the basics of software testing. Mastering software testing may take even longer.

Q6. Can I learn software testing on my own?

Ans. Yes, you can learn software testing on your own. You can learn it if you are someone who wants to start a career in the IT industry or if you are someone who is curious to learn various testing tools.

Q7. Can I learn software testing online?

Ans. Yes, there are multiple online resources to learn software testing online like online courses, tutorials, and videos. Naukri Learning is a one-stop destination to explore the popular software testing online courses from top universities across the world. You can visit the Naukri Learning website, browse various software testing courses, and choose the course that suits your experience level.

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Q8. What does a software tester do?

Ans. Software testing professionals perform various tasks, such as designing test scenarios for software usability; conducting the testing, analyzing the results, and then submitting observations to the development team, interacting with clients to understand product requirements.

Q9. What educational background is required to become a software tester?

Ans. To become a software tester, you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, knowledge of software test design and testing methodologies, knowledge of programming, excellent communication, and critical thinking skills.

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Q10. How much salary does a software tester earn?

Ans. The salary of a software tester varies from company to company. In India, the average starting salary of a software tester ranges from Rs. 3.5 Lakhs to Rs. 6 Lakhs.

Q11. What are the job roles available in the field of software testing?

Ans. Software testing job roles are QA Analyst/Trainee Tester, QA Analyst/Software Tester, QA Analyst, Software Test Engineer, Test Manager, and Senior Test Manager. From an entry-level role, one can move to senior test engineer, test lead to test manager roles, and even can become QA lead, QA Manager.

Software Testing FAQs

Once after coding is completed, Testers will start to test application by entering all possible inputs in order to find defects in software is called as, Software Testing.

Testing software or application repeatedly or again and again manually to find defects in software according to customer’s requirement is called as, Manual Testing.

Test Engineer will write code or program or script by using tools like UFT or Selenium and run the program against the application or software where program will automatically test application and gives result as Pass or Fail it is called as, Automation testing.

There are 2 main types of software testing such as,

  1. White Box Testing – Testing done by developer
  2. Black Box Testing – Testing done by tester


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