Test Scenarios For Swiggy in 2023

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Hi Testers!, In this article, we will cover “Test Scenarios for Swiggy“. If the interviewer asks you to write the test cases, do not assume the requirements.

It would be great if you asked for requirements that help you write the best test cases and test scenarios. Let’s get started.

Test Scenarios for Swiggy

Login Screen Test Scenarios For Swiggy

  • Verify that users can log in using valid credentials.
  • Verify that appropriate error messages are displayed for invalid login attempts.
  • Verify that social media login options (if available) work correctly.
  • Verify that the “Remember Me” feature keeps users logged in across sessions.
  • Verify that the system prompts users to reset passwords in case of forgotten credentials.

Home Screen (Without Logged In)

  • Verify that the home screen displays popular restaurants and cuisines.
  • Verify that users can browse restaurants without logging in.
  • Verify that restaurant details, including menu and ratings, are accessible without login.
  • Verify that location-based services work accurately, showing nearby restaurants.
  • Verify that promotional banners and discounts are visible to all users.

Home Screen (Logged In)

  • Verify that the home screen customizes content based on user preferences.
  • Verify that recently ordered items and favorite restaurants are prominently displayed.
  • Verify that personalized recommendations for new restaurants or cuisines are shown.
  • Verify that user-specific promotions and offers are visible on the home screen.
  • Verify that the system updates the home screen in real-time based on user interactions.

Search Functionality for Online Food Ordering System

  • Verify that the search bar accurately displays restaurant names, cuisines, and dish names.
  • Verify that search results are relevant and sorted based on proximity and relevance.
  • Verify that filters (e.g., vegetarian, non-vegetarian, price range) work correctly.
  • Verify that autocorrect and suggestion features enhance user experience during searches.
  • Verify that users can easily switch between restaurant and dish searches.

Positive Test Cases for Search Functionality

  • Verify that users can find specific dishes from a particular restaurant using search.
  • Verify that search results include options for both delivery and pickup.
  • Verify that users can search for restaurants based on specific cuisines.
  • Verify that search results load quickly, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Verify that the search functionality handles typos and synonyms effectively.

Negative Test Cases for Online Food Ordering System

  • Verify that error messages are displayed when no search results are found.
  • Verify that the system handles invalid search queries gracefully without crashing.
  • Verify that users are notified if there are no restaurants available for delivery in their location.
  • Verify that the search bar is disabled during server downtimes to prevent futile searches.
  • Verify that users are prompted to refine their search if the query is too vague.

Test Cases for Ordering Page

  • Verify that users can easily add items to their cart from the menu.
  • Verify that modifications to menu items (e.g., extra cheese, no onions) are accurately reflected.
  • Verify that users can specify delivery instructions, such as gate codes or specific landmarks.
  • Verify that users can view the total cost of their order before proceeding to checkout.
  • Verify that the system prompts users to log in or sign up if they try to proceed without an account.

Test Cases for Cart Checkout Page

  • Verify that users can review their order details before confirming the purchase.
  • Verify that the system displays an itemized list, including names, quantities, and prices.
  • Verify that users can apply promo codes or discounts to their order successfully.
  • Verify that the checkout button is disabled until all necessary information is provided.
  • Verify that users receive an order confirmation message after successful checkout.

Order Preparation Page Test Cases

  • Verify that the restaurant receives the order promptly after the user confirms it.
  • Verify that restaurants are notified of any modifications made by users (e.g., removing an ingredient).
  • Verify that the system calculates estimated preparation time accurately.
  • Verify that users receive real-time updates on their order status (confirmed, preparing, out for delivery).
  • Verify that users are informed if there are delays in order preparation due to high demand or other reasons.

Order Summary Page Test Cases

  • Verify that users can access detailed receipts for their orders.
  • Verify that receipts include all ordered items, quantities, prices, taxes, and delivery charges.
  • Verify that users can rate and review the restaurant and delivery experience from the summary page.
  • Verify that users can reorder items from their order history with a single click.
  • Verify that users can easily contact customer support in case of issues with the order.

Final words

So in this article, we have covered “Test Scenarios for Swiggy”. If you have more, like test cases, you can add them in the comment section below.


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