Difference Between Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning

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Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) and Equivalence Partitioning (EP) are two techniques for testing software that are used often and are meant to make testing more efficient and effective.

  • Boundary Value Analysis focuses on testing values at the edges or boundaries of input domains to find problems and potential errors. By choosing test cases that are just inside and just outside these boundaries, BVA hopes to find important boundary handling problems.
  • Equivalence Partitioning, on the other hand, divides the data into groups, or partitions, and treats each partition as the same. Then, test cases are chosen from each partition to cover a wide range of input values while cutting down on the number of test cases needed.

Both techniques work well together and are often used in Black Box Testing to test how well software works without looking at how it works on the inside. By using BVA and EP, testers can find weaknesses and improve the quality of software products as a whole.

AspectBoundary Value Analysis (BVA)Equivalence Partitioning (EP)
PurposeFocuses on testing values at input boundaries.Divides the input data into equivalent partitions.
TechniqueSelects test cases at the boundary values.Selects test cases from each partition.
Input DataInvolves valid and invalid boundary values.Involves representative values from each partition.
Test CasesTypically, at least three test cases per boundary.Typically, one test case per equivalence partition.
CoverageProvides more exhaustive coverage near boundaries.Provides broad coverage of input data.
Error DetectionEfficient in finding errors at boundary conditions.Efficient in detecting errors within partitions.
ComplexityRelatively more complex to design test cases.Relatively simpler to design test cases.
Implementation UnderstandingRequires understanding of boundary values.Requires knowledge of equivalence classes.
Ideal Use CasesUseful when boundary behavior is crucial.Useful when input domain is extensive and diverse.

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