Difference Between Test Scenarios And Test Cases

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Test Scenarios:

Software testing begins with the creation of test scenarios, which are high-level descriptions or outlines of the functionality that needs to be tested in a given software application. They are simulations of actual user actions or situations that the programme must respond to.

Test scenarios, which are created from requirements, user stories, use cases, and other pertinent documents, assist in ensuring that the software satisfies the required business needs and user expectations.

Test Cases:

While test scenarios describe the overall context in which a test will be run, test cases are more specific and detailed instructions for running that test. A single testable condition, input, or feature of the software is represented by each test case. Step-by-step instructions, input data, anticipated results, and other data required to run and validate the test are all included.

here’s the difference between test scenarios and test cases

Test ScenarioTest Case
A test scenario is a high-level description of a test.A test case is a detailed set of instructions for a test.
It outlines what needs to be tested.It specifies how to execute the test.
Test scenarios are created based on requirements and user stories.Test cases are derived from test scenarios or directly from the software’s requirements.
They provide a broader view of what is to be tested.They provide specific steps and data to verify a particular functionality.
Test scenarios may encompass multiple test cases.Test cases are individual steps within a test scenario.
Test scenarios focus on business needs and end-to-end scenarios.Test cases focus on individual testable aspects or conditions.
They are less detailed and may not have specific test data.They include specific test data and expected results.
Test scenarios serve as a basis for creating test cases.Test cases are executed during the testing process.
Their purpose is to ensure that all major functionalities are covered.Their purpose is to validate the correctness and reliability of the software.

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