Difference Between Bug And Defect

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Difference Between Bug And Defect: This is mostly asked question in interviews for all experienced level of testers. bug and defect is a pretty similar term but it has itsw own differences which we are going to see in this post.

The main difference between a bug and a defect is how they are used. “Bug” is a more informal term that developers and users often use to refer to any software problem, while “defect” is a term that is only used in testing and quality assurance to describe problems that don’t work the way they were supposed to.

When referring to issues or problems in a software programme, the terms “bug” and “defect” are frequently used interchangeably. However, there are a few key distinctions between the two:

Difference Between Bug And Defect

Table of Contents

TerminologyInformal termFormal term
UsageWidely used by developers and users to refer to software issuesPrimarily used in the context of software testing and quality assurance
OriginArises from various sources, such as coding errors, design flaws, or external factorsArises due to discrepancies between the actual behavior and specified requirements or design
ContextUsed in general discussions and conversations about software problemsUsed specifically during the testing phase to identify deviations from expected behavior
SeverityCan range from minor glitches to critical errors affecting functionalityUsually associated with the failure to meet specified requirements and considered as deviations from expected behavior
ImportanceAddressed during development and maintenance phasesIdentified and documented during testing and resolved before release
ResolutionCan be fixed without being documented as a formal issueTypically documented in a defect tracking system and must be resolved and validated
FormalityOften resolved informally or through informal communicationRequires a formal process to track, manage, and resolve defects

Even though these are two different things, the terms are often used interchangeably, and they both mean the same thing: problems or flaws in the software that need to be fixed.

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