Integration Testing Exam Questions And Answers Pdf

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What is the purpose of integration testing?

The purpose of integration testing is to expose faults in the interaction between integrated units. It’s like an undercover operation to catch criminals red-handed!

Who uses integration testing?

Software developers and testers are the daredevil heroes who use integration testing to ensure all parts of the system work together. It’s like a secret society of software superheroes!

Is API testing integration testing?

API testing can indeed be considered a part of integration testing. It’s like a spy working undercover in the thrilling world of software!

What type of testing is integration?

Integration testing is a type of testing where software modules are integrated logically and tested as a group. It’s like a wild party where only the toughest survive!

Which phase is integration testing?

Integration testing takes place in the ‘Testing’ phase of the software development process. It’s like the climax of a blockbuster movie!

Can we automate integration testing?

Yes, we can automate integration testing. It’s like sending in robots to do the dirty work!

Is integration testing a black box test?

Yes, integration testing can often be conducted as a black box test. It’s like a mysterious treasure chest waiting to be opened!

Can we skip integration testing?

While it’s technically possible, skipping integration testing is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Not recommended!

What is the best tool for integration testing?

Tools like JUnit, TestNG, and Postman are often crowned as kings in the realm of integration testing. But the best tool can vary depending on your specific needs. It’s like a thrilling battle for the throne!

Which is better, unit test or integration test?

Both have their pros and cons. Unit tests are quick and easy, like a fast food fix, while integration tests are comprehensive and thorough, like a five-course meal. The winner depends on your appetite!

Can Google Test be used for integration testing?

While Google Test is primarily designed for unit tests, with some creativity it can be used for integration testing. It’s like using a Swiss army knife in unexpected ways!

Does integration testing require coding? 

Yes, integration testing often requires some level of coding. It’s like a secret code that unlocks the mysteries of the software!


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